1. Curly: ... I'll go hitch up the horses now 'f you say it's alright.
    Hi, Aunt Eller!
  2. Eller: hi, Will! what happened at the fair? do any good in the steer ropin?
    I did purty good. I WON IT!
  3. Boys ad lib... good boy, always knew ya could etc...
    Cain't stay but a minnut aunt eller, got to git over to Ado Annie. Don't you remember her paw said if ever i was worth fifty dollars i could have her.
  4. Eller: Fifty dollars! That's whut they gave you for prize money?
    Thats whut!
  5. Eller: Lands, if annie's paw keeps his promise, we'll be dancin' at yer weddin'
    if he don't keep his promise I'll take her right from under his nose, and i won't give him the present i brung for him
  6. (take out "little wonder")
    look fellers! whut i got for Ado Annie's paw!
  7. (boys crowd around)
    'Scuse us Aunt Eller. You see, you put it up to yer eyes, like this. Then when ya git a good look, you turn it 'round at th' top, and the pitcher changes
  8. IKE: well I'll be side gaited
    Git out of it, Junior!
  9. Eller: .... I'm a good mind to tell Annie on yer
    Please don't, Aunt Eller. She wouldn't understand.
  10. Eller: no tellin' whut you been up to. Bet you been carryin on plenty in Kansas City.
    I wouldn't exactly call it carryin' on. But i shore did see some things i never see before
  11. Song
    "Kansas City"
  12. Ike: Whut you doin', will?
    This is the two-step. That's all they're dancin' nowadays. the waltz is Through. Course they don't do it alone. C'mon, Aunt Eller
  13. Fred: whut you doin now, Will?
    That's rag-time, seen a couple coloured folks doin' it
  14. EXIT
    ENTER during ALI HAKIM and ADO ANNIE scene
  15. Ali: i didn't say nothing!
    (off stage) WHOA SUZANNA! Yoohoo Ado Annie! It's me. I'm Back.
  16. annie: Oh foot! jist when -- 'Lo Will!
    (off stage) Get over, you old beast!
  17. Ali: Why fight? i never saw the man before. i only fight with my friends.
    (enter) Ado Annie, How's my honey bunch? How's the sweetest little hundred and ten pounds of sugar in the territory?
  18. Annie: er -- Will, this is Ali Hakim
    How are yuh, Hak? don't mind the way i talk. 'S all right. I'm goin; to marry her.
  19. Ali: Marry her? On purpose
    Why, sure.
  20. Annie: Six wives, all at once?
    Shore. 'At's a way they do in them countries
  21. Ali: ... he's a bachelor
    Annie: look will --
    Look, Will Nuthin'. you know whut i got fer first prize down at the fair? Fifty dollars!
  22. Annie: Well that was good...fifty dollars?
    Well sure. Ketch on? Yer paw promised I cud marry you 'f I cud git fifty dollars.
  23. Annie: 'At's right he did
    know what I done wit it? Spent it all on presents fer you
  24. Annie: but if you spent it you ain't got the cash.
    Whut i got is worth more'n the cash. Feller who sold me the stuff told me.
  25. Annie: But, Will...
    Stopp sayin' but will -- when do i get a little kiss? Gosh, Ado Annie, honey, y'ain't been off my mind since i left.
  26. continue
    All the time at the fair grounds even, when i was chasin' steers. I'd rope one under the hofs and pull him up sharp, and he'd land on his little rump... Nen i'd think of you
  27. Annie: Ah! now don't start talkin' purty, Will.
    See a lot of beautiful girls in Kansas City. Didn't give a look
  28. Annie: how could you see 'em if you didn't give 'em a look?
    I mean I didn't look lovin at 'em... Like I look at you.
  29. Annie: Oh, please don't look like that way, Will, I cain't bear it
    Ain't i gonna stop lookin like this till you give me a littl ole kiss
  30. Annie: Oh, Whut's a little ole kiss?
    well, nothing -- less'n it comes from you
  31. Annie: you do talk purty! ... no, no i won't.
    "NO. 8 song/ ensemble entrance"
  32. EXIT
    Enter top of ACT II "The farmer and the cow man
  33. Carnes: He come out west and made alot of changes
    he come out west and built alot of fences!!!
  34. SONG
    "The farmer and the cowman"
  35. (Start of the auction)
    Eller: ... around back here. Follow me.
  36. Ali: hello, young fellow.
    Oh, It's you!
  37. Ali: i was just hoping to meet up with you. it seems you and me ought to have a little talk
    We only got one thing to talk about. Well, Mr. Hakim, i hear you got yourself engaged to Ado Annie.
  38. Ali: Well --
    Well, nothing! i don't know what to call you. you aint purty enough for a skunk. You ain't skinny anough for a snake. You're too little to be a man, and too big to be a mouse. I reckon You're a rat!
  39. Ali: That's logical
    Answer me one question. do you really lover her?
  40. Ali: well --
    'Cuz if i thought you didn't i'd tie you up in this bag and drop you in the river. Are you serious about her?
  41. Ali: Yes. I'm serious
    And do you worsip the ground she walks on, like I do? And, Hakim, this is one answer that'd better be Yes.
  42. Ali: Yes- yes- yes
    The HELL you do!
  43. Ali: yes
    Would you spend every cent youhad for her? That's whut I did. See that bag? Full o' presents. Cost fifty bucks. All I had in the world.
  44. Ali: if you had that fifty dollars cash --
    I'd have Ado Annie, and you'd lose her.
  45. Ali: Yes, I'd lose her. Let's see what you got in here. might want to buy something
    What would you want with them?
  46. Ali: ... I'll give you eight dollars for it.
    Eight Dollars? That wouldn't be honest, i only paid Three Fifty.
  47. Ali: ... say! thats a cracker- Jake!
    Take your hands off that! That wuz for our weddin' night!
  48. Ali: it don't fit you so good. I'll pay you twenty two dollars.
    But that's--
  49. Ali: all right then 22.50. but not a cent more. what a beautiful ankle brace!
    Them -- Those -- that was fer her to wear
  50. ali:... and fifty cents is forty five fifty.
    Forty-Five fifty? say that's almos' -- that's -- Want to buy some more?
  51. Ali: Might.
    D'you ever see one of these?
  52. Ali: Whut made you buy this? got it IN fer somebody?
    How d'you mean? it's jist funny pitchers.
  53. ali: ... it's --
    Laurey: whur is ev'ybody? whur's Aunt Eller?
    On th'other side of the house, Laurey.
  54. Jud: (off) Laurey! Whur'd ya run to?
    How much'll you give me fer this thing?
  55. Ali: ... I guess you don't know what it really is.
    Shore do. it's jist a girl in pink tights
  56. jud: either you two see Laurey?
    Jist went to tg' other side of the house. Auction's goin on there?
  57. Ali: ... little wonder.
    Jud: how much?
    Three dollars and fifty cents
  58. Jud: lotta money but i got an idy it might be worth it
    Let's see three fifty from him and forty five fifty from you -- 'at makes fifty dollars don't it?
  59. Ali: no. One dollar short
    Darn it! i musta figured wrong. how much for all the resta the stuff in the bag?
  60. Ali: ... One Dollar!
    DONE! Now i got Fifty dollars, ain't i? Know whut that means? Means I'm goin to take Ado Annie back from you!
  61. Ali: you wouldn't do a thing like that to me!
    Oh, wouldn't I? And when i tell her paw who i got mosta the money offa, mebbe he'll change his mind 'bout who's smart and who's nbumb
  62. (lots of biddin' n such)
    Eller: ... 'Nother desk for the school house. Do i hear anymore?
    You hear Fifty dollars!
  63. ALI... Eller...
    Carnes: He ain't got fifty dollars!
    Oh, yes, i have. and 'f your a man of yer honour y' gotta say annie belongs to me, like y' said she would
  64. Carnes: but where's yer money?
    Right here in my hand.
  65. Carnes: ... The peddler's still got my daughter's hand
    Now wait a minnut. That ain't Fair!
  66. Eller: going fer fifty dollars, goin...
    Ali: Fifty One!
    Wait a minute. WAIT! 'F i don't bid any more i c'n keep my money cain't i?
  67. Eller: Shore can
    'Nen i still got fifty dollars. This is mine!
  68. carnes...
    Eller: ... Annie'll git the prize i guess
    And i git Annie!
  69. Eller: Pick 'at banjo to pieces sam!
    (change of scene, into "all 'er nothing")
    Well, Ado Annie. i got the fifty dollars cash, now you name the day
  70. Annie: August Fifteenth
    Why August fifteenth?
  71. Annie: That was the first day i was kissed
    Was it? I didn't remember that
  72. Annie: you wasn't there
    Now look here, We gotta have a serious talk. Now that yer engaged to me, you gotta stop havin' fun!... I mean with other fellers.
  73. SONG
    "All Er Nothing"
  74. LAUREY and JUD argue
    Jud: ... Told you the way it was. You wouldn't listen --
    (off stage) Annie! Ado Annie!
  75. Laurey: Who's 'at?
    It's me Laurey. Hey, Have you seen Annie?
  76. (Laurey shakes her head no)
    She's gone agin.
  77. (Laurey... Curly...)
    Laurey: Curly!
    Well, you found yer's. I gotta go hunt for mine
  78. (ANNIE and ALI say good bye)
    Ali: Ah, Will! i want to say good-bye to you too
    No, you don't. I jist saw the last one
  79. Ali: ... You don't mind? i am a friend of the family now
    Did you say you was goin?
  80. Ali: ... I wish it was me she was marrying instead of you
    It don't seem to make an awful lot of difference
  81. Ali: ... The lonely gypsy
    Annie: Ali! Ali!
    you ain't goin to think of the ole peddler anymore, air you?
  82. Annie: Course not. Never think of one less'n he's with me.
    Then I'm never goin' to leave yer side.
  83. Annie: ... give me one of them persian goodbyes?
    Persian godd-byes? Why, that ain't nothing compared to an Oklahoma Hello!

    Hello Annie!
  84. SONG
  85. Curly: hey, Will! Would you hitch the team to the surrey fer me?
    Shore will! have it up in a jiffy!
  86. (GERTIE and ALI get married)
    Annie: Hey! Will! D'you hear the news? Gertie married the peddler!
    Mighty glad to hear that, peddler man. Friend of the fambly.... remember? Hey Gertie! have you ever had an Oklahoma hello?
  87. Gertie: Uh-Uh
    Hello Gertie!
  88. Ali: Hey! Where ya goin'?
    I'm goin' to stop Ado Annie from killin' yer wife
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