1. sequence whose terms difer y the same number,d, clled common diff
    arithmetic sequence
  2. the indicated sum of the terms of an
    arithmetic sequence
  3. constant function o the form f(0)=k
    continous function
  4. numerical factr of a monomial
  5. reationshipcontaining diret and inverse
    combined variation
  6. number by which sucessive erms of anarithmetic sequence
  7. log with base 10
  8. ratio by which terms of a geometric sequence differ
    common ratio
  9. quotient contains one or more foractions in the numerator denom or both
    complex fractions
  10. plane figure formed by intersection of double cone andplane
    conic section
  11. constant k is an inverse hoint r combned
    constant of variation
  12. the endpoints of the minor axis of an ellipse te end points of the conjugate axis of a hyberbola
  13. the degree of the monomial with highest degree aftr simplification
    degree of a polynomial
  14. chord of a circle that contains the center of a circle
  15. fixed line used to defin a parabola
  16. set of all points p in a plane such that the sum of the diff from p to two fixed points f1 nand f2 constant
  17. what happens to a poly function as its domain values get very small and very large
    end behavior
  18. reall numbers for which a rational fnction is not defined
    excluded values
  19. a formula that defines the nth ter or general term of a sequence
    eplicit formula
  20. function of the form f(x)=b^x where b is a positive real number other than 1 and x is any real number
    exponntial function
  21. a solution to derived equation that is not a solution to the original equation
    extraneous solution
  22. fixed pints that are used to define ellipse or hyperbola
  23. fixed point to define parabola
  24. in factor x-b is a fcator of both the numerator and denominator then hole occurs when x=b
    hole in the graph
  25. set of all points pin a plane such that he asolute value of the diff b/t the distance from p to f1 and f2 is constant
  26. two variables x and y have an inverse variation relationship of anonzero number k such that xy=k
    inverse variation
  27. if y=kxz
    join variations
  28. a funftion f, f(a) id there is an interval around a such that f(a) is greater then f (x) for all values of x in interval x cant = a
    local max
  29. function with base b or x=b^y which is the inverse of exponential function y=b^x
    log function
  30. number of times that a factor is repeated in factorization o a polynomial expression
  31. the irraional number e which is pprox 102.71828..
    natural base
  32. he graph of a quad function set of al points p(x,y0 in the plane whose distance to a poin equls the distance to a fixed line
  33. monomial or a sum of terms that are monomial
  34. quootient of two polynomials
    rational expression
  35. formula for a sequence in which one or more previous terms are used to generate the next term
    recursive formula
  36. solutoons to the graph
  37. ordered list of numbers
  38. indicated sum of terms of a sequence
  39. methos od division of a polynomial by a binomial in which only coeficients are used
    synthetic division
  40. points on a graph of poly funtion that corresponds to local maxima and minima
    turning point
  41. if coordinated of the vertex of a graoh of y=ax^2+bx+c where a cant = 0 are (h,k) then the graoh can be represented as y=a(x-h)^2+k
    vertex form of a parabola
  42. lowest or highest pont on a graph
    vertex of a parabola
  43. endpoints of a major ais of ellipse, tranverse of a hypberola
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