8th History 3rd quarter Exam

  1. What does Popular Sovereignty mean
    Letting the people decide
  2. Who was John C. Fremont
    He was the first Republican Presidential Candidate
  3. What made Zachary Taylor famous and later got him the presidency`
    He fought in the Mexican War
  4. Who was Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
    Mexico's president who fought against us in the Mexican War
  5. What was the Agrement that ended the Mexican war
    Guadalupe Hidalgo
  6. What were the four trails going West that were talked about in the book and tell info about them
    Oregon- it was a fur trappers trail then forgotten and then rediscovered by settlers goin West, Mormon- Used by thousands of Mormans, California - A branch of the Oregon Trail that extended South, and Santa Fe- The first American route West of the Missouri, it was primarily a trade route
  7. What is Manifest Destiny
    It is the inevitable growth of the nation from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean
  8. Tell about the Compromise of 1850
    It was caused by the admittance of California as a free state, the South was outraged, it divided the rest of the land of the Mexican Cession into the New Mexico and Utah states, in both of these territories they had popular sovereignty over whether it was a slave or free it also put into effect a strict Fugitive Slave law requiring all Federal govt. officials to help find Runaway Slaves
  9. T or F- were most Northerners in the early 1800's abolitionists who wanted equal rights for blacks
    False, only a few were abolitionists most wanted some rights for blacks
  10. T or F- most Southerners owned slaves before the Civil War
    False, only 1/3 of the pop. owned slaves
  11. T or F- for some slaves the final destination of the Underground Railroad was Canada
  12. T or F- The Confederacy chose extremist fire-eaters to lead its govt.
    False, no they choose moderate people
  13. What did Stephen Douglas do
    He split the Compromise of 1850 into 5 parts to help them be passed
  14. Who was Abraham Lincoln
    He was the president during most of the Civil war, he was from Kentucky he was a moderate president nominated by the Republicans
  15. Who was Roger B. Taney
    He was the chief justice on the Supreme Court, he was part in the Dred Scott decision
  16. Who was Jefferson Davis
    He was elected the president of the Confederate States of America
  17. Who was Robert E. Lee
    He was the leader of the Confederate army and he arrested John Brown
  18. Who invented the reaper
    Cyrus McCormick
  19. who invented the cotton gin
    Eli Whitney
  20. Who invented the steel plow
    John Deere
  21. Who invented the Clipper Ship
    John W. Griffiths
  22. Who invented interchangeable parts
    Eli Whitney
  23. Who invented the telegraph
    Samuel F. B. Morse
  24. What were tent revivals
    They were when hundreds or thousands of people came and were saved they would pitch their tents and listen to someone preach
  25. Who was Robert Fulton
    he created the steamboat
  26. who invented the factory system in America
    Samuel Slater
  27. What was the War for Texas
    It was the war in which Texas gained Independence from Mexico, the Alamo was in this war
  28. What was the Mexican War
    It was the War that resulted from Texas becoming a state, United States Won and gained the Mexican Cession
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