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  1. condolences
    expressions of sympathy for a death

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  2. dictator
    a ruler who has complete power over a country
  3. notorious
    well known for having a bad reputation
  4. rugged
    very rough and uneven

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  5. sombrero
    Spanish hats with wide brims

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  6. transformed
    changed in appearance

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  7. urgently
    in a manner that clls for immediate action

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  8. wounds
    injuries in which the skin is broken

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  9. grief
    intense sorrow caused by loss

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  10. mocking
    ridiculing; sneering at

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  11. bandit
    an outlaw or robber

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  12. determination
    firmness or purpose; resolve

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  13. seized
    took possession of by force
  14. Villistas
    Pancho Villa's soldiers

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  15. plaza
    a public square or similar open area in a town or city

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  16. bolts of manta
    large rolls of coarse cotton cloth

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  17. boxcars
    fully enclosed railroad cars used for carrying freight

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  18. detain
    to keep from going on
  19. boardinghouse
    a house where people pay for meals and lodging

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  20. boarder
    people who stay in a boardinghouse
  21. daring
    fearless bravery

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