Health Final 3

  1. What does tobacco smoke paralyze and kill?
  2. What is Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)?
    A combination of chronic bronchitis and emphysema.
  3. What are other names for herbal cigarettes?
    cloves, bidis, and kreteks
  4. What is a short-term effect of smoking?
    increased heart rate
  5. True of False: You may find it difficult to keep resisting when you're under pressure from your friends.
  6. When you stop using tobacco, when does your senses of smell and taste return?
    a few days
  7. When using illegal drugs, why does the risk of catching certain infectious diseases increase?
    some illegal drug users share needles
  8. Why are teens at a higher risk of using illegal drugs?
    the pressures and changes associated with adolescence
  9. True or False: Hashish's effects are not as strong as those of marijuana.
  10. What are the changes in the brain seen in marijuana users similar to?
    long-term alcohol users
  11. What is a formula made up of four important parts involved in fitness training: frequency, intensity, time, and type of exercise?
  12. What is a fixed number of repetitions followed by a rest period?
  13. What is a state in which the body has lost more water than has been taken in?
  14. What is the body's internal system for regulating sleeping and waking patterns?
    circadian rhythm
  15. What is the dreaming part of the sleep cycle in which the eyes move back and forth rapidly under the eyelids?
  16. What is an artificially made substance that can temporarily increase muscle size?
    anabolic steroid
  17. What is a heart rate range that should be reached during exercise to gain cardiorespiratory health benefits?
    target heart rate zone
  18. What is a complex carbohydrate that aids elimination and may help prevent heart disease and cancer?
    dietary fiber
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