Drugs affecting the blood

  1. Hemostasis
    process of stopping blood flow
  2. process of hemostasis
    • 1. Collagen exposed due to damage, initiating effects
    • 2. Receptors on platelets bind thrombin, thromboxanes and exposed collagen
    • 3. platelets (change shape) activated when receptors are bound
    • 4. results in release of granules containing ADP, TXA2, 5-HT, PAF, & thrombin from platelets 
    • 5. Chemicals bind to receptors of nearby platelets
    • 6. aggregation occurs as a result of increased Ca2+ 
    • 7. Increased Ca2+ 
    • 8. TXAsynthesis; from arachadonic acid released from platelet
    • 9. more TXA2 released
  3. role of thrombin in blood clotting cascade
    thrombin comes from prothrombin, thrombin catalyzes reaction of fibrinogen to fibrin, which is used in binding platelets to form a platelet plug (blood clot)
  4. goal of anticoagulants
    lengthen time in forming clot and prevent thrombi from growing larger
  5. mechanisms of aspirin
    • 1. Inhibits arachidonic acid to prostaglandin (prevents TXA2 synthesis) 
    • 2. lasts for the life of platelet
    • 3. active site of enzyme is blocked by aspirin
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