health final two

  1. what food belongs to the milk yogurt and cheese group
    ice cream
  2. why is it important to limit the amount of sodium in your diet
    sodium is sometimes linked to high blood pressure
  3. what should be the main source of food energy
  4. what class of nutrient is neccessary for production of certain hormones and that forms a coating on nerves
  5. what class of nutrient that is essential for body growth and repair
  6. what can a deficiency of calcium lead to
  7. for a healthful diet nutrients must be consumed in different amount . what should carbs do
    make up between 45-65 percent of ur daily calorie intake
  8. what group would toast with butter and jelly be classified as
    bread-cereal and fats-sweets
  9. what meal best fits ur bodys nutrient needs, without excedding its energy needs
    broiled fish steamed carrots brown and wild rice
  10. skim milk is a good choice as a sourse of protein vitamin d and calcium. which population would have the highest need for including milk in their diet
  11. what statement best describes how diet can influence health
    in order to optimize health a person must take in the right amount of nutrients and energy
  12. thae carbohydrate that circulated in ur blood and provides energy for ur cells is a
    a single sugar called glucose
  13. what does low density lipoprotein cholesterol do
    carries cholesterol to the body cells, can contribute to plaque, is sometimes called bad cholesterhol
  14. how can parents help their children meet their nutritionalneeds
    following the food guid pyramid but with reasonable variation
  15. teens diets ...
    tend to be low in calcium, iron, and riboflavin
  16. people with special dietary needs .....
    include athletes, infants and people who are ill
  17. what should vegans do
    must plan to ensure that they take in all of th eessential vitamins and minerals
  18. what do the special dietary needs of athletes focus on
    `getting enough fluid and meeting energy needds
  19. what is drinking alcohol at inopropriate times
    alcohol abuse
  20. what is a warnin gsign of alcoholism
    profesional and personal relationship problems
  21. what effects does alcohol have on society
    lost productivity due to illness and premature death
  22. what is true of alcoholism
    recovery can be an ongoing process
  23. whats is the bloods ability to carry oxygen is blocked by
    tobacco use
  24. what can smokeless tabacco lead to
    mouth sores and oral cancer
  25. what is the decrease in red blood cells or hemoglobin
  26. what is a form of taboacco that is placed between a persons cheek or gum
    chewing tabacco
  27. definition of a substance that causes physical dependence
  28. what is a form of tabacco that is inhaled through the nose or placed betwween the cheek and gum
  29. what is a form of tabacco such as snuff and chewing tabacco
    smokeless tabacco
  30. what is a combination of chronic broncitis and obstructive emphesema
  31. what is a cigarrette that contains tabocco and spice
    herbal cigarrete
  32. what are pcp ketamine and ghb
    club drugs
  33. what is another name for the hallucinogen pcp
    angle dust
  34. what is a stimulant to treat adhd
  35. what are drugs that are used for recreational purposes
    drugs of abuse
  36. what is a danger of using inhalents
    sudden sniffing death syndrome
  37. what material is needed for maintnace of fluid balance
  38. what nutiret contains carbon and keeps the eyes and skin healthy
    vitamin a
  39. what carbon containing nutrient aids in blood clotting
    vitamin k
  40. what mineral is needed for production of helmoglobin
  41. what fat soluble nutrient enables the absorbtion of calcium an phosorous in the intestine
    vitamin d
  42. what water soluble nutrient is necessary for metabolism
  43. what proments the healing of wounds
    vitamin c
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