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  1. capio, capere, cepi, captum (3 sp. v)
    take, grasp, get, capture, seize, select, choose, elect, inherit, adopt, occupy, charm, win over, captivate, undertake, comprehend
  2. captivus, captivi (2 m n)
    captive, prisoner
  3. captor, captoris (3 m n)
    one who captures, hunter, huntsman
  4. careo, carere, carui (2 v)
    be without, need, lack, be absent from, miss
  5. carmen, carminis
    song, hymn, poem, oracle, prophecy
  6. carus, cara, carum (1/2 adj)
    beloved, dear, precious, high-priced, costly
  7. castigo, castigare, castigavi, castigatum (1 v)
    rebuke, correct, blame, punish, hold in check, restrain, mend
  8. castra, castrorum (2 n n)
    camp, military encampment, castle, fort, army life, war service
  9. casus, casus (4 m n)
    fall, overthrow, accident, disaster, case, chance, fate
  10. causa, causae (1 f n)
    cause, reason, motive, excuse, blame, court case, political party
  11. cautus, cauta, cautum (1/2 adj)
    careful, cautious, heedful, made safe, secured
  12. caveo, cavere, cavi, cautum (2 v)
    beware of, avoid, keep clear of, guard against, take care of
  13. cedo, cedere, cessi, cessum (3 v)
    submit, yield to, give way, go/withdraw from,
  14. celeber, celebris, celebre (1/2 adj)
    crowded, populous, renowned, famous
  15. celebro, celebrare, celebravi, celebratum (1 v)
    celebrate, honour, fill, crowd, throng, frequent, inhabit, repeat, exercise, practise, attend, escort, advertise, make known, broadcast
  16. celer, celeris, celere (3 adj)
    swift, quick, speedy, hurried, hasty, rash, lively
  17. celeritas, celertatis (3 f n)
    swiftness, quickness, speed
  18. celeriter (adv)
    quickly, speedily
  19. celo, celare, celavi, celatum (1 v)
    hide, conceal, cover, veil, keep secret
  20. cena, cenae (1 f n)
    dinner, banquet, dish, course
  21. ceno, cenare, cenavi, cenatum (1 v)
    dine, eat dinner, make a meal of
  22. censo, censere, censui, censum (2 v)
    count, reckon, estimate, value, give one's opinion, be of the opinion propose, decree, vote/resolve to
  23. centurio, centurionis (3 m n)
    centurion, commander
  24. cerno, cernere, crevi, cretum/certum (3 v)
    separate, sift, distinguish, perceive, see, decide, determine
  25. certamen, certaminis (3 n n)
    contest, struggle, battle, combat, competition
  26. certe (adv)
    certainly, surely, really, yet indeed, at least
  27. certus, certa, certum (1/2 adj)
    sure, certain, definite, trusty, reliable, faithful, determined, resolved, settled
  28. cervix, cervicis (3 f n)
    neck, shoulders, throat, life
  29. ceterus, cetera, ceterum (1/2 adj)
    rest of, the other, the remaining
  30. ceterum (conj)
  31. cibus, cibi (2 m n)
    food, nourishment
  32. cieo, ciere, civi, citum (2 v)
    rouse, arouse, stir up, move, shake, disturb, provoke, call on, produce, cause
  33. cingo, cingere, cinxi, cinctum (3 v)
    gird, surround, encircle, crown, fortify, besiege
  34. cinis, cineris (3 m n)
    ash, ashes, ruin, destruction
  35. circiter (prep/adv)
    near, approximately, about
  36. circum (prep)
    around, about, among, near
  37. cirumdo, circumdare, circumdedi, circumdatum (1 v)
    put round, surround, enclose
  38. circumspecto, circumspectare, circumspectavi, circumspectatum (1 freq v)
    look around often/anxiously, watch for, be on the lookout for
  39. cito (citius) (adv)
    quickly, more quickly
  40. cito, citare, citavi, citatum (1 v)
    cite, summon, excite, encourage
  41. civilis, civilis, civile (3 adj)
    of a citizen, civic, civil, political, public, polite, courteous
  42. civis, civis (3 c n)
    citizen, countryman/woman, fellow citizen
  43. civitas, civitatis (3 f n)
    community, city-state, citizens, citizenship
  44. clades, cladis (3 f n)
    defeat, destruction, ruin, slaughter, calamity, disaster
  45. clam (adv/prep)
    secretly, privately
  46. clamo, clamare, clamavi, clamatum (1 v)
    shout, cry, call the name of
  47. clamor, clamoris (3 m n)
    cry, shouting, clamor, applause, noise, din, shout
  48. clarus, clara, clarum (1/2 adj)
    clear, bright, famous, loud, distinct, evident, illustrious, distinguished
  49. classis, classis (3 f n)
    class of the Roman people, group, army, fleet
  50. claudo, claudere, clausi, clausum (3 v)
    shut, close, conclude, enclose, imprison, besiege
  51. claudo, claudere (3 v)
    to limp, be weak
  52. cliens, clientis (3 m/c n)
    client, vassal, dependent
  53. coepi, coepisse, coeptum (defective v)
    begin/began, undertake
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