Sinners to know 1

  1. The five great poets
    (circle one)
    Homer, Virgil, Ovid, Lucid and Horac
  2. Francesca & Paolo
    (circle two)
    Francesca cheated on her husband with Paolo after they read Arthurian
  3. Ciacco
    (circle 3)
    • 1st person to prophecied Dante
    • (can see the future but not the present)
  4. Filippo Argenti
    (circle 5)
    • Umong the wrathful
    • (those who were comsumed with anger during their lives)
  5. Farinata
    (circle 6)
    • A political leader of Dante's era
    • (another prophecie)
    • He predicts that Dante's exile from Florence
  6. Cavalcanti
    (cirlce 6)
    The father of Dante's intimate friend Guido
  7. Alexander the Great
    (circle 7.1)
    Lived as a tyrant, and perpetrated violence on whole populations
  8. Pier delle Vigne
    (circle 7.2)
    Committed suicide after a group of people blackened his name with lies
  9. Capaneus
    (circle 7.3)
    • A king who beseiged Thebes
    • A Blasphemer ( those who must lie on a bank of sand)
  10. Brunetto Latini
    (circle 7.3)
    • A Sodomite (those violent against nature)
    • Prophecie (predicts that Dante will be rewarded for his heroic political actions.)
  11. Pope Nicholas III
    (circle 8.3)
    • A pope guilty of simony (clergyman)
    • Abused his power
  12. Pope Boniface 8th
    (circle 8.3)
    A pope who isn't dead yet
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