Glory Field Vocab

  1. Define vitality
    quality of liveiness
  2. Define censor
    to block anything that'll offend anyone
  3. Define forage
    to search for food
  4. Define fidget
    to move nervously
  5. Define careen
    to move in a jerky uncontrolled way
  6. Define frantically
  7. Define integration
    process of opening schools, businesses, and communities to citizens of all races
  8. Define illuminate
    to make bright
  9. Define tussle
    a physical struggle
  10. Define contraband
    during the Cival War, an enslaved person who escaped behind Union lines
  11. Define miff
    To anger someone
  12. Define roil
    to move angrily
  13. Define mode
    a particular form or style
  14. Define intimdate
    to frighten
  15. Define parched
    to be thirsty
  16. Define raucous
    loud and harsh but fun
  17. Define perishable
    to easily spoil
  18. Define swagger
    to walk with a strut
  19. Define sporadic
    occuring occasionally
  20. Define ventilator
    to allow fresh air to places
  21. Define puckish
    fun, michevious
  22. Define predominately
  23. Define treacherous
    marked by hidden danger
  24. Define ominous
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