Lesson Twelve Vocab

  1. propensity
    def: a tendency

    syn: inclination; predisposition; penchant
  2. condescending
    def: displaying superiority; patronizing

    syn: denigrating; degrading
  3. compunction
    def: an uneasiness caused by guilt; a qualm

    syn: regret
  4. sepulcher
    def: a tomb or burial chamber

    syn: crypt; catacomb; mausoleum
  5. bellicose
    def: warlike in manner; inclined to fight

    syn: pugnacious; belligerent; hostile
  6. pullchritude
    def: physical beauty

    syn: loveliness; allure
  7. wizened
    def: shriveled or withered from age or illness

    syn: shrunken; gnarled
  8. rhapsodize
    def: to express onself enthusiastically

    syn: rave; enthuse
  9. physiognomy
    def: facial features

    syn: countenance; visage
  10. voluble
    def: talkative

    syn: garrulous; fluent
  11. revel
    def: to enjoy; to take pleasure in

    syn: bask; delight; indulge
  12. umbrage
    def: feeling of offense; resentment

    syn: displeasure; ire; anger
  13. epiphany
    def: a revelation; a sudden knowledge or insight
  14. assiduous
    def: diligent; persistent

    syn: persevering; industrious
  15. panacea
    def: a cure-all; a remedy for all diseases

    syn: elixir; nostrum
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