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  1. what is not an aeorobic exercise
  2. what are common causes of insomnia
    caffiene and alcohol smoking stress and lack of exercise
  3. what is a good example of an aerobic exercise
    jumping rope
  4. what is a common symptom of amphetamine abuse
    increased aggressiveness
  5. what is an dangerous seffect of anabolic steroids
    liver damage
  6. what does NREM stand for as a type of sleep
    nonrapid eye movement
  7. what can u do to help yourselve sleep
    take a warm shower and bath before bedtime
  8. how can u avoid many exercise injuries
    dress for the weather, listen to ur body signals, and exercise 2 or 3 times a week
  9. what can exercise be
    formal activities waliking to school and raking leaves
  10. what is a chronic disease
    a disease that developes gradually and continues over a long period of time
  11. what are repetitions
    the number of times an exercise is performed
  12. what is insomnia
    an inability to sleep even if tired
  13. what does skill related fitness consist of components of fitness
    power, coordination, and agility
  14. what do some chronic diseases that are related to lifestyle include
    heart disease sroke and type 2 diabeties
  15. what is exercise pare of the treatment plan for
    diabetes asthma and mental and physical disabilities
  16. what does health related fitness describe
    qualities that are neccessary for maintaining a healthy body
  17. what is physical fitness
    the ability of the vody to perform daily tasks without getting out of breath, sore, or overly tired while avoiding diseases related to lack of exercise
  18. after u have been following a fitness plan how long will it take to see health related components
    6 weeks
  19. to safely exercise what should u do
    exercise in open areas with good lighting, exercise with a friend, and let someone know where u will be and what time u wil return
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