A&P Lab Cranial Nerves

  1. *Usually a vague sensation of dull aching, gnawing or burning...
    *Important stimuli for this type of pain are extreme stretching of tissue, ischemia, irritating chemicals and muscle spasm
    visceral pain
  2. pain stimuli arising in one part of the body are perceived as coming from another part
    referred pain
  3. cord-like organ that is part of the peripheral nervous system
  4. layer of loose CT that surrounds each axon
  5. CT that binds groups of fibers into bundles called fascicles
  6. encloses all the fascicles to form a nerve
  7. *Purely sensory cranial nerve
    *carry afferent impulses for sense of smell
    *CLINICAL TESTING: sniff aromatics
    Olfactory I
  8. loss of smell 
  9. *Purely Sensory
    *carry afferent impulses for vision
    *CLINICAL TESTING: Snellen eye chart, peripheral vision
    Optic Nerve II
  10. visual defects are known as:
  11. *innervates 4 of the 6 extrinsic eyeball muscles
    *contain proprioceptive afferents: Somexaatic motor fibers, Parasympathetic motor fibers, sensory afferents
    *CLINICAL TESTING: examine pupils for size, shape and equality 
     Oculomotor Nerve III
  12. *Innervates superior oblique eye muscle
    CLINICAL TESTING:Test with Oculomotor Nerve III
    Trochlear Nerve IV
  13. *largest cranial nerve in diameter
    *sensory to face/motor to chewing
    *Mixed, has 3 divisions
    1.opthalmic V1
    2.Maxillary V2
    3.Mandibular V3
    Trigeminal Nerve V
  14. *Innervates lateral rectus eye muscle
    *CLINICAL TESTING: tested with nerves III and IV
    Abducens Nerves VI
  15. inflammation of the Trigeminal nerve,is widely considered to produce the most excruciating pain known
    trigeminal neuralgia
  16. *Motor to face and taste
    *mixed, parasympathetic motor impulses to the lacrimal gland and salivary gland
    *CLINICAL TEST: anterior 2/3 of tongue to taste sweet, salty, sour, and bitter
    Facial Nerve VII
  17. What are the 5 branches of Facial Nerve VII
    • Temporal
    • Zygomatic
    • Buccal
    • Mandibular
    • Cervical
  18. Paralysis of facial muscles on affected side and partial loss of taste sensation. May develop rapidly (overnight) Caused by inflamed or swollen facial nerve
    Bell's Palsy
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