Lab Promoting O2

  1. The concentration of 02 delivered-21% mixes with room air
  2. Delivers the highest concentration of o2- 100%
    non rebreather
  3. Not affected by clients breathing pattern cuz valve is already set for a certain amount

    Delivers most accurate Fi02
    venturi mask
  4. Effective for delivering 02 at 2L/min
    nasal cannula
  5. Run 02 at 8-10 L, never use with <5L/min

    has a higher concentration than nasal cannula
    Simple face mask
  6. used on a patient who is in sever respiratory distress, bag must remain at 2/3 full

    Delivers 75-90% o2
    partial rebreather
  7. Which o2 mask is good for COPD
  8. What's the primary goal of 02 therapy?
    prevention or treatment of hypoxia, and hypoxemia

    Which reduces myocardial effort and the bodys work of breathing
  9. What about o2 in an emergency?
    You can administer 02 in an emergency, but if it isnt an emergency you need a doctors order
  10. Nursing intervention to promote a safe environment for receiving 02
    • no smoking or electrical equipment
    • make sure gauge is on correct setting
    • make sure portable tanks is secure
    • check nares for irritation
    • use water soluble lubricant only (petroleum jelly)
  11. What the purpose of pulse ox?
    It measures Sa02 which is the arterial oxygen saturation

    Ratio of HGB to total HGB
  12. Normal Sa02
    Adults vs. elderly
    • >95% adults
    • 93-94% elderly
  13. When getting a pulse ox what's important
    • verify capillary refill at site using
    • if peripheral circulation is questionable, use an ear lobe or nasal site
    • Assess site q4-8 hours and change as needed
  14. Goal of IS
    • to reach maximum tidal volume, how much air goes in and out with each insp/exp
    • 10mL/kg

    Put pt in semi or high fowlers
  15. How do you assess for CSM?
    Circulation-color, pulse, temp, cap refill

    Sensation-ask pt if they can feel my touch, any tingling or numbness?

    Motion/movement-ask pt to move, wiggle fingers and toes
  16. O2 masks Percentage of delivery set 1:
    Nasal 24-44%

    Venturi 24-55%

    Aerosol 24-100%

    T piece 24-100%
  17. 02 masks Percentage of delivery set 2:
    Simple Rebreather 40-60%

    Partial Rebreather 60-75%

    Non Rebreather 80-95%
  18. Minimum flow rate with a simple face mask that ensures flushing of Co2?
  19. Which is more comfy...simple face mask or nasal cannula?
    Face mask
  20. What's important with a partial rebreather mask?
    It must remain inflated

    The client will rebreathe up to 1/3 of exhaled air together with room air.
  21. What does complete deflation of the reservoir bag during INSPIRATION with a partial re breather mask cause?
    Co2 build up
  22. Which mask delivers the highest o2 concentration?
    Non rebreather mask
  23. Which mask delivers the most precise oxygen concentration?
    Venturi Mask
  24. What's an aerosol mask?
    fits loosely around the face and neck and can provide oxygen to pt. who dont tolerate masks well.

    Also good for pt with facial trauma, burns and or thick secretions.

  25. T-Piece
    used for clients with tracheostomies, laryngectomies or endotracheal tubes

    has a humidifier
  26. When does a nasal canula need a humidifier?
    With flow rates of 4L/min and above
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