chapters 9 & 10 in medical language (Obstetrics and neonatology & Cardiovascular, Immune, Lymphatic

  1. gamete
    mature germ cell, either sperm or ovum
  2. ovulation
    expulsion of a mture ovum from an ovary
  3. conception, or fertilization
    beginning of pregnancy, when the sperm enters the ovum. fertilization normally occurs in the uterine tubes
  4. zygote
    cell formed by the union of the sperm and the ovum
  5. embryo
    unborn offspring in the stage of development
  6. fetus
    unborn offspring from the beginning of the ninth week of pregnancy until birth
  7. gestation, pregnancy
    development of a new individual from conception to birth
  8. gestation period
    duration of pregnancy;
  9. implantation
    embedding of the zygote in the uterine lining
  10. placenta, or afterbirth
    a structure that grows on the wall of the uterus during pregnancy and allows for nourishment of the unborn child
  11. amniotic, or amnionic, sac
    membranous bag that surrounds the fetus before delivery
  12. chorion
    outermost layer of the fetal membrane
  13. amnion
    innermost layer of the fetal membrane
  14. amniotic, amnionic, fluid
    fluid within the amniotic sac, which surrounds the fetus
  15. amni/o, amnion/o
    amnion, amniotic fluid
  16. chori/o
  17. embry/o
    embryo, to be full
  18. fet/o, fet/i
    fetus, unborn child
  19. gravid/o
  20. lact/o
  21. nat/o
  22. omphal/o
    umbilicus, navel
  23. par/o , part/o
    bear, give birth to, labor, childbirth
  24. puerper/o
  25. cephal/o
  26. esophag/o `
    esophagus (tube leading from the throat to the stomach)
  27. pelv/o, pelv/i
    pelvic bone, pelvis
  28. prim/i
  29. pseud/o
  30. pylor/o
    pylorus (pylorus sphincter)
  31. terat/o
  32. ante-, pre
  33. micro
  34. multi
  35. nulli
  36. post
  37. amnios
    amnion, amniotic fluid
  38. cyesis
  39. partum
    childbirth, labor
  40. rrhexis
  41. tocia
    birth, labor
  42. amnionitis
    inflammation of the amnion
  43. chorioamnionitis
    inflammation of the chorion and amnion
  44. choriocarcinoma
    cancerous tumor of the chorion
  45. dystocia
    difficult labor
  46. hysterorrhexis
    rupture of the uterus
  47. oligohydramnios
    scanty amnion water
  48. polyhydramnios
    much amnion water
  49. abortion
    termination of pregnancy by the expulsion from the uterus of an embryo before fetal viability
  50. abruptio placentae
    premature separation of the placenta from the uterine wall
  51. eclampsia
    sever complication and progression of the preeclampsia characterized by convulsion
  52. ectopic pregnancy
    pregnancy occurring outside the uterus, commonly in the uterine tubes.
  53. placenta previa
    abnormally low implantation of the placenta on the uterine wall completely or partially covering the cervix
  54. preeclampsia
    abnormal condition encountered during pregnancy or shortly after delivery, high bp, edema, and proteinuria.
  55. microcephalus
    fetus with a very small head
  56. imphalitis
    inflammation of the umbilicus
  57. imphalocele
    herniation at the umbilicus
  58. pyloric stenosis
    narrowing pertaining to the pyloric sphincter.
  59. tracheoesophageal fistula
    abnormal passageway pertaining to the esophagus and the trachea
  60. cleft lip and palate
    congenital split of the lip and roof of the mouth
  61. down syndrome
    varying degrees of mental retardation and multiple defects
  62. erythroblastosis fetalis
    characterized by hemolysis of the erythrocytes.
  63. amniotomy
    incision into the amnion
  64. episiotomy
    incision of the vulva
  65. pelvic sonography
    pertaining to the pelvis, process of recording sound
  66. amniocentesis
    surgical puncture to aspirate amniotic fluid
  67. amnioscope
    instrument used for visual examination of the amniotic fluid
  68. amnioscopy
    visual examination of amniotic flud
  69. amniochorial
    pertaining to the amnion and chorion
  70. amniorrhea
    discharge of amniotic fluid
  71. amniorrhexis
    rupture of the amnion
  72. antepartum
    before childbirth
  73. embryogenic
    producing an embryo
  74. embyoid
    resembling an embryo
  75. fetal
    pertaining to the fetus
  76. gravida
    pregnant woman, a woman who is or has been pregnant, regardless of pregnancy outcome
  77. gravidopuerperal
    pertaining to pregnancy and childbirth
  78. intrapartum
    within labor and childbirth
  79. lactic
    pertaining to milk
  80. lactogenic
    producing milk
  81. lactorrhea
    discharge of milk
  82. multigravida
    many pregnancies
  83. multipara
    many births
  84. natal
    pertaining to birth
  85. neonate
    new birth
  86. neonatologist
    physician who studies and treats disorders of the newborn
  87. neonatology
    study of the newborn
  88. nulligravida
    no pregnancies
  89. nullipara
    no births
  90. para
  91. postnatal
    pertaining to after birth
  92. postpartum
    after childbirth
  93. prenatal
    pertaining to before birth
  94. primigravida
    first pregnancy
  95. primipara
    first birth
  96. pseudocyesis
    false pregnancy
  97. puerpera
  98. teratogen
    any agent producing malformations
  99. teratogenic
    producing malformations
  100. teratology
    study of malformations
  101. colostrum
    thin, milky fluid secreted by the breast during pregnancy and during the first days after birth before lactation begins
  102. congenital anomaly
    abnormality present at birth
  103. in vitro fertilizatino (IVF)
    a method of fertilizing human ova outside the body and placing the zygote into the uterus
  104. lactation
    the secretion of milk
  105. lochia
    vaginal discharge after birth
  106. meconium
    first stool of the newborn
  107. midwife
    an individual who practices midwifery
  108. midwifery
    the practice of assisting in childbirth
  109. obstetrician
    physician who specializes in childbirth
  110. obstetrics
    medical specialty dealing with pregnancy, childbirth, and puerperium
  111. parturition
    act of giving birth
  112. premature infant
    infant born before completing 37 weeks of gestation
  113. puerperium
    period from delivery until the reproductive organs return to normal
  114. quickening
    the first feeling of movement of the fetus in utero by the pregnant woman
  115. stillborn
    born dead
  116. CS, C-section
    cesarean section
  117. EDD
    expected date of delivery
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