Light Structural Material

  1. Al production describing the extraction or winning Al from ore
    primary production
  2. Al production producing aluminum from recycled material
    secondary production
  3. Coarse grains only used for two applications
    • 1 - creep resistance
    • 2 - crack propagation retardance
  4. Purity of majority of primary Al produced
  5. "high purity" Al percentage
  6. Secondary Al makes up how much of total Al production
  7. why does secondary Al cost less
    requires only 5% of primary energy input
  8. what industry uses majority of secondary Al
  9. Al form made to be broken into smaller pieces and mold-cast or alloyed
  10. Al ingot form for rolling into plates, sheets and foils
    slab ingot
  11. Al form ingot for forging, extrusion of bars, profiles, tubes and wires
    Round ingot
  12. Primary cast-products, in all alloy systems
  13. after an ingot is worked into a bar or other semi-finished shape to prepare for final processing by closing the casting porosity, refining the grain-structure and reducing the shape to a workable shape
  14. form of majority of primary Al products
    Direct-cast slab and billet ingots
  15. process that eliminates the need to roll thick slabs
    Continuous-strip-casting process
  16. What is the difference between primary processing and primary production of Al
    Processing - usually a method of continuous operation of Al forming (i.e. cooling molten Al into a sheet for rolling)

    Production - winning Al from ore
  17. why is primary processing not used for aerospace grade materials?
    Primary processing does not control the chemistry well enough for these applications
  18. what is the purpose of alloying
    Alloying is used to inprove properties and castability
  19. 1XXX alloys
  20. 2XXX alloys
  21. 3XXX alloys
    Major - Mn
  22. 7XXX alloys
    • Major - Zn
    • other - Cu and Mg
  23. Cu strengthening mechanism
    solid solution
  24. what Al alloy forms very small particulates
    Zn (often with MgZn2)
  25. Three methods used to strengthen Al alloys
    • 1 - Work-hardening
    • 2 - Heat-treatment
    • 3 - combination of both
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