Sixteenth Century Italian Villas

  1. Belvedere gardens
    In Rome, built by the pope for the pope. One of the earliest villas since the ancients. Bramante's connection
  2. Villa Madama
    by Raphael Non-church villa, plan never completely executed. 1520. Image Upload 1
  3. Villa Medici
    In rome, example of high renaissance. Image Upload 2
  4. Villegiatura
    Country place... All the good spots were taken.
  5. Villa d'Este
    Tivoli 1549. Built for cardinal d'Este by Ligorio. Waterworks, terrace of 100 fountains. Water organImage Upload 3
  6. Villa Lante
    By Vignola in 1566. Example of Mannerism. Built for Cardinal Gambara. Bignola tells a story. Water chain, Parterre garden, topiary. Image Upload 4
  7. Villa Orsini
    Also by vignola. 1572. No indoor/out. Garden of exploration. Mannerism Example. tilted house, weird sculpture. Man tearing another man
  8. Villa Farnese
    Built on main street. Pentagonal shape (mediaval style) Mannerism. Dual parterres.
  9. Villino Farnese
    By Vignola and others. Little villa down the road from Villa Farnese. Secret Garden, Caryatids (Funny and unique)
  10. Baroque Villas
    Theater and outward motion. Rested motion. Theatricallity-You are the performer
  11. Bilobi gardens
    Florence. Medici. Bilobi Grotto with Michelangelo sculpture.Baroque
  12. Villa Gamberaia
    Outward thrust into the horizon. Lemon garden, secret garden
  13. Isola Bella, Lago Maggiore 1632
    Built on an island. Fishing Village, Wedding cake look. Huge shImage Upload 5ell looking grotto.
  14. de re aedificatoria
    Volumes on architecture by Alberti. Theoretical city plans
  15. Filarete
    Ideal theoretical town. Italian city planning
  16. Palma Nuova
    Theoretical city actually built. Predictable and unexciting.
  17. Piazza del campo, Sienna
    Paving pattern interesting. Cool drainage. Everything drains into the shell. Facelift. Medieval to Renaissance.
  18. piazza Della Signoria, Florence
    Big loggia. Facelift
  19. Piaza San Marco Image Upload 6
    Medieval to Renaissance. Give it a facelift dude
  20. Piazza della Santissima Annunziata.
    By Brunelleschi. Arcades
  21. Obelisks
    Egyptian statues rediscovered by Pope Sixtus V when they rebuilt the streets of Rome
  22. Baroque Piazzas in Rome
    Campidoglio (Michelangelo); Piaza del Poppolo, Goose foot, Twin Churches with Obelisk, Rested motion, circular motion; St Peters, Bernini 1656.
  23. Piazza di Spagna (Spanish Steps)
    1720. Roccoco period. rome
  24. Trevi Fountain
    Apollo and the horses. Rome.
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