Genetics exam 2

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  1. Trp Operon
    • High Tryptophan:
    • regions 1+2(Attenuation) and 3+4 pair and terminate transcription
    • Low Tryptophan:
    • 2+3 pair and transcription continues
    • UUUUUUU necessary to terminate transcription
  2. Lac Operon
    I= codes for regulator protein, stops transcription w/olactose. trans

    P=promotor site where RNA pol binds. cis

    O=operator region where regulator protein binds. cis

    Z= betagalactisidase breaks down lactose

    Y= permease, pore for lactose
  3. Ames Test
    certain chemicals are mutagenic
  4. microRNA
    binds to and inhibits translation of mRNA. 3' imperfect match
  5. siRNA
    methylize complementary RNA and DNA
  6. Transposon
    region of DNA which can be moved
  7. tRNA
    • Amino acid binds to 3' region
    • 2D cloverleaf
    • post transcription modification
  8. Supercoiling
    10bp per turn of the helix: relaxed

    • <1:10 negative supercoil
    • >1:10 positive supercoil
  9. 5'bromouracil
    alkylating agent

    by base substitution
  10. Ethylmethane sulfonate
    alkylating agent

    base substitution
  11. acridine orange
    intercalating agent 

    insertion or deletion
  12. X ray
    ionizing irradiation

    Double strand breaking
  13. Drosophilia sex determination
    Sex lethal expression by alternative splicing
  14. pribnow box
    bound to by e. coli sigma factor
  15. TATA box
    TF IID
  16. oriC
    E. coli dnaA
  17. phi utilization Target
    Rho factor
  18. AUG
    Initiator tRNA
  19. Prokaryote transcription
    • -10 Pribnow box
    • Shine Delgano sequence before gene sequence
    • Rho independent terminator
    • poly uuuuu tail
  20. Eukaryote transcription
    • -25 TATA box
    • intron, exon
    • 5' methly G cap
    • poly AAAA tail
    • AAUAAA after stop codon
  21. ORC protein
    recognizes yeast automatic replicating sequence
  22. Group II introns
    and mRNA intron
    both form laraits
  23. CAP
    Stabilizes RNA poly on lac promotor

    • inhibits expression of lac without cAMP
    • with cAMP can stabilize RNA poly and express lac
  24. CRO
    • lambda repressor
    • host is well lots of cro, lytic cycle

    host is not well,no cro lots of CI lysogenic cycle

    UV radiation. lytic cycle
  25. lytic
  26. lysogenic
    reproduced in genome
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