1. Belligerent
    aggressive; ready to fight
  2. Contemporary
    living or happening at the same time
  3. Emaciated
    very thin; withered
  4. Gritty
    coarse; granular
  5. Jaunt
    short pleasure trip
  6. Niggardly
    miserly; stingy
  7. Philanthropy
    charity; love of mankind
  8. Red tape
    formalities; paperwork; official procedure
  9. Surly
    grumpy; rude
  10. Whimsical
    capricious; changeable
  11. Beret
    type of cap
  12. Corpulent
  13. Endurance
    staying power; patience; stamina
  14. Hackneyed
    common and over-used
  15. Jurisprudence
    science or study of law
  16. Novel
    new; unusual
  17. Placate
    pacify; soothe; calm
  18. Relegate
    dismiss to a lower position
  19. Taciturn
    quiet; saying little
  20. Zealot
  21. Bestial
    behaving like a beast; brutal
  22. Corrugated
    highly folded
  23. Enduring
  24. Hallowed
    worshipped; consecrated
  25. Juxtapose
    place next to
  26. Novice
    a beginner; tyro
  27. Placebo
    harmless medicine with no effect; dummy medicine
  28. Remorse
    regret; sorrow; contrition
  29. Tactile
    concerned with the sense of touch
  30. Zenith
  31. Bellicose
    war-like; aggressive
  32. Consummate
    complete; total; supremely good
  33. Elusive
    hard to pin down
  34. Gregarious
    extroverted; sociable; outgoing
  35. Jaundiced
    cynical; pessimistic
  36. Nettle
  37. Phenomenon
    an event or happening (plural: phenomena)
  38. Recuperate
    get better after illness
  39. Superlative
    extremely good; the best
  40. Whet
  41. Bemoan
    complain about
  42. Contrite
  43. Emancipate
    set free
  44. Guffaw
    sudden loud laughter
  45. Jeopardize
    put at risk; endanger
  46. Nomadic
    wandering from place to place
  47. Philistine
    uncultured person
  48. Redolent
    smelling of; giving off odors
  49. Surreptitious
    secret; sneaky; stealthy
  50. Willful
  51. Benevolent
  52. Contrition
    sorrow and repentance
  53. Embezzle
    defraud; steal
  54. Guile
    cunning; craftiness
  55. Jingoistic
    extremely patriotic; nationalistic
  56. Nonchalance
    an appearance of indifference; calm and composed
  57. Phlegmatic
    calm; imperturbable
  58. Redress
    put right something that was wrong
  59. Surreptitiously
    secretly; furtively; stealthily
  60. Wily
  61. Benign
    kindly; harmless
  62. Contumacious
  63. Embroil
    involve in hostility or argument
  64. Guileless
    frank; straightforward; honest
  65. Jocular
    in a joking manner
  66. Nondescript
    having no special features; dull and ordinary
  67. Pillage
  68. Redundant
    unnecessary; superfluous
  69. Susceptible
  70. Wispy
    flimsy; frail; delicate
  71. Benignity
    compassion; gentleness; fondness
  72. Contusion
    a bruise
  73. Emerge
    come out; appear
  74. Gullibility
    unwariness; trustfulness; being easily fooled
  75. Jollity
    gaiety; happiness
  76. Nonentity
    a person of no importance; not famous
  77. Pinnacle
    topmost point
  78. Referendum
    public vote
  79. Suspect
  80. Wistful
    melancholy; pensive; expressing a longing for
  81. Bequeath
    leave something in one's will to be given after one's death
  82. Conundrum
    a puzzle
  83. Emulate
    to imitate something admired
  84. Gullible
    easily fooled
  85. Jubilant
    ecstatic; delighted; rejoicing
  86. Nostalgia
    longing for the past
  87. Pious
    very religious
  88. Refute
  89. Sybarite
    lover of luxury
  90. Zany
    crazy; wacky
  91. Berate
    scold; criticize
  92. Conventional
    usual; customary; common
  93. Endorse
    give support or approval to
  94. Gustatory
    concerned with the sense of taste
  95. Judicious
    correct in judgment; wise
  96. Notoriety
    infamy; known for wrong doing
  97. Pivotal
    of central importance
  98. Regale
  99. Sycophant
    bootlicker; flatterer
  100. Zeal
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