Psych test 4

  1. neutral stimulus
    stimulus does not initially elicit response
  2. unconditioned stimulus (UCS)
    even elicits certain response w/o training
  3. unconditioned response (UCR)
    organisms automatic reaction to a stimulus
  4. conditioned stimulus (CS)
    once neutral; elicits response after training
  5. conditioned response (CR)
    learned reaction to conditioned stimulus
  6. acquisition
    classically conditioned response occurs gradually  --> pairing of conditioned stimulus and unconditioned stimulus
  7. generalization
    responding similarly to a range of similar stimuli
  8. discrimination
    the ability to respond differently to similar but distinct stimuli
  9. extinction
    gradual disappearance of a conditioned response when the conditioned stimulus is repeatedly presented w/o the unconditioned stimulus
  10. recovery
    CR may reappear when the CS is presented again
  11. reinforcement
    stimulus or event that follows a response and increases the likelihood that the response will be repeated
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Psych test 4
Psych test 4