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  1. Sporadic
    occuring irregularly
  2. Spawn
    lay eggs
  3. Sultry
  4. Spume
    froth, foam
  5. Succor
    aid, relief
  6. Suffuse
    spread over
  7. Sully
    tarnish, soil
  8. Summation
    act of finding total
  9. Subterfuge
    deception by artifice or stratagem in order to conceal, escape or evade
  10. Subsidy
    direct financial aid by the government
  11. Supposition
    hypothesis, surmise
  12. Supplicate
    petition humbly
  13. Suture
    material used in sewing
  14. Sustenance
    means of support
  15. Swerve
    deviate, turn aside sharply
  16. Swindle
  17. Sybarite
    lover of luxury
  18. Suppliant
  19. Suppurate
    creat pus
  20. Supposititious
    assumed, counterfeit
  21. Subversient
    behaving like a slave
  22. Tawdry
    cheap and gaudy
  23. Temporal
    not lasting forever
  24. Testy
  25. Turpitude
  26. Tremulous
  27. Tract
  28. Tranquility
    calmness, peace
  29. Touschstone
    stone used to test the fineness of gold alloys
  30. Traduce
    expose to slander
  31. Tortilla
    flat cake made of oatmeal
  32. Tout
  33. Trajectory
    path taken by projectile
  34. Tonsure
    shaving of the head
  35. Trappings
  36. Transpire
    exhale, become known
  37. Conspiracy
    treacherous plot
  38. Conglomeration
    mass of material sticking together
  39. Congruence
    correspondence of parts
  40. Transitoriness
  41. Transluscent
    partly transparent
  42. Assymetric
    not identical on both sides
  43. Authoritative
    having the weight of authority
  44. August
    impressive, majestic
  45. Aureole
    sun's corona
  46. Aversion
    firm dislike
  47. Autopsy
    examination of a dead body
  48. Antagonistic
    hostile, opposed
  49. Anguish
    acute pain
  50. Antipathy
    aversion, dislike
  51. Ape
    imitate or mimic
  52. Amoral
  53. Amphibian
    able to live both in land and in water
  54. Amphitheater
    oval building with tiers of seats
  55. Anathematize(v)
  56. Ambidextrous
    Capable of using either hand with equal ease
  57. Allocate
  58. Alimony
    payment by a husband to his divorced wife
  59. Analgesic
    causing insensibility to pain without loss of conciousness
  60. Amenable
    readily managed
  61. Apathy
    lack of caring
  62. Charisma
    divine gift
  63. Chaste
  64. Cherubic
  65. Circuitous
  66. Circumscribe
    confine, limit
  67. Clavicle
  68. Churlish
    • Dappled
    • spotted
  69. Dastard
  70. Daub
    smear (as with paint)
  71. Dauntless
  72. Dawdle
    loiter, linger, waste time
  73. Debonair
    friendly, aiming to please
  74. Decollete
    having a low-necked dress
  75. Defalcate
    misuse of money held in trust
  76. Default
    failure to do
  77. Depredation
  78. Descant
    discuss fully
  79. Disclaim
  80. Disconcert
    confuse, upset, embarrass
  81. Discernible
    distinguishabe, perceivable
  82. Disabuse
    correct a false impression
  83. Discourse
    formal discussion
  84. Disheveled
  85. Dissemble
    disguise, pretend
  86. Dissolution
  87. Disport
  88. Doggerel
    poor verse
  89. Duress
    compulsion by threat
  90. Espionage
  91. Exhume
    dig out of the ground
  92. Faculty
    mental or bodily powers
  93. Fawning
    courting favour by cringing and flattering
  94. Foppish
    vain about dress and appearance
  95. Perigree
    point of moon's orbit when it is nearest to earth
  96. Persiflage
    flippant conversation
  97. Periphery
  98. Pernicious
    very destructive
  99. Peroration
    conclusion of an oration
  100. Polemic
  101. Precept
    practical rule of guiding conduct
  102. Precipice
    cliff, dangerous position
  103. Precipitate
    headlong, rash
  104. Chronicle
    report, record (in chronological order)
  105. Cipher
  106. Clangor
    loud, resounding voice
  107. Clandestine
  108. Claustrophobia
    fear of being locked in
  109. Compatible
    harmonious, in harmony with
  110. Commodious
    spacious and comfortable
  111. Compact
    agreement, contract
  112. Comeuppance(n)
    rebuke, desert
  113. Commemorative
    remembering, longing
  114. Compensatory
    making up for, repaying
  115. Compilation
    listing of statistical information in tabular or book form
  116. Conclusive
    decisive, ending all debate
  117. Concession
    an act of yielding
  118. Conceit
    whimsical idea, extravagant metaphor
  119. Comprise
    include, consist of
  120. Compromise
    adjust, endanger the interest or reputation of
  121. Concatenate(v)
    link as in chain
  122. Concoct
    prepare by combining
  123. Cognomen
    family name
  124. Colander
    utensil with perforated bottom
  125. Colloquy
    informal discussion
  126. Comely
    attractive, agreeable
  127. Cohesion
    force which keeps parts together
  128. Collier
    worker in a coal mine, ship carrying coal
  129. Comestible
    something fit to be eaten
  130. Consort
    husband or wife
  131. Controvert
    oppose with arguments
  132. Contrived
    forced, artificial
  133. Constraint
    compulsion, repression of feelings
  134. Dilemma
    problems, choice of two unsatisfactory alternatives
  135. Connivance
    pretense of ignorance of something wrong
  136. Disclose
  137. Disarray
    a disordelry or untidy state
  138. Disapprobation
    disapproval, condemnation
  139. Din
    continued loud noise
  140. Ecstasy
    rapture, joy
  141. Effluvium
    noxious smell
  142. Embed
    enclose, place in something
  143. Caption
    chapter, title, heading
  144. Captious
  145. Carat
    unit of weight for precious stone
  146. Carcinogenic
    causing cancer
  147. Cartographer
  148. Carrion
    rotting flesh of a dead body
  149. Cascade
    small waterfall
  150. Castigation
    punishment, severe criticism
  151. Doddering
    shaky, infirm from old age
  152. Exorcise
    drive out evil spirits
  153. Ascetic
    practising self-denial
  154. Aria
    operatic solo
  155. Apprehensive
    fearful, discerning
  156. Accoutre
  157. Accomplice
    partner in crime
  158. Actuarial
    calculating, pertaining to insurance statistics
  159. Agenda
    items of business at a meeting
  160. Abnegation
    repudiation, self-sacrifice
  161. Aesthetic
  162. Address
    direct speech to
  163. Amity
  164. Anarchist
    person who rebels against the established order
  165. Artifacts
    product of primitive cultures
  166. Archaic
  167. Austerity
    sternness, severity
  168. Beleaguer
  169. Bravado
    swagger, assumed air of defiance
  170. Centrifuge
    machine that separates substance by separating them
  171. Catechism
    book for religious instructions
  172. Compelling
  173. Complicity
    participation, involvement
  174. Compunction
  175. Covetous
    avaricious, easily desirous of
  176. Creed
    system of religious and ethical belief
  177. Demographic
    related to population balance
  178. Demotic
    pertaining to people
  179. Desideratum
    that which is desired
  180. Detraction
    slandering, aspersion
  181. Exegesis
  182. Expeditiously
    rapidly and efficiently
  183. Evanescent
  184. Eviscerate
    disembowel, remove entrails
  185. Fastidious
    difficult to please
  186. Fatalism
    belief that events are determined by force beyond one's control
  187. Fluted
    having vertical parallel groups(as in a pillar)
  188. Insolvent
  189. Inscrutable
    • not readily investigated, interpreted or understood
    • mysterious
  190. Inimitable
  191. Insomnia
  192. Insularity
  193. Insouciant
    indifferent, without concern or care
  194. Interstices
    chinks, crevices
  195. Internecine
    mutually destructive
  196. Interlocutory
    conversational, not final
  197. Intrinsically
    essentially, inherently, naturally
  198. Pillory
    punish by placing in a wooden frame
  199. Pinnacle
  200. Piquant
    • agreeably stimulating to the palate
    • spicy
  201. Pittance
    a small allowance or wage
  202. Plebeian
    common, pertaining to the common people
  203. Plebiscite
    expression of the will of the people by direct election
  204. Platonic
    purely spiritual, theoretical
  205. Polity
    form of government or nation or state
  206. Polygamist
    one who has more than one spouse at a time
  207. Polyglot
    speaking many languages
  208. Punctilious
    laying stress on niceties of conduct
  209. Pundit
    learned Hindu, any learned man
  210. Purgatory
    place of spiritual expiation
  211. Qualified
    limited, restricted
  212. Sacrosanct
    most sacred
  213. Ramp
    slope, inclined plane
  214. Quandary
  215. Repellant
    driving away
  216. Reparation
    amends, compensation
  217. Replica(n)
  218. Refute
  219. Similitude
  220. Simian
  221. Sobriquet
  222. Subsistence
    existence, means of support, livelihood
  223. Synthetic
  224. Travesty
    comical parody
  225. Treatise
    article treating a subject systematically and thoroughly
  226. Troglodyte
    cave dweller
  227. Tumbrel
    a farm tipcart
  228. Ulterior
    situated beyond, unstated
  229. Ubiquitous
    being everywhere
  230. Apparition
    ghost, phantom
  231. Apathetic
  232. Antithesis
  233. Alcove
    nook, recess
  234. Allure
    entice, attract
  235. Amble
    moving at an easy pace
  236. Annuity
    yearly allowance
  237. Audit
    examination of accounts
  238. Annotate(v)
    comment, make explanatory notes
  239. Anneal
    reduce brittleness and improve toughness by heating and cooling
  240. Satirical
  241. Sequester
    retire from public life, seclude
  242. Shackle
    chain, fetter
  243. Spoonerism
    accidental transposition of sounds in successive words
  244. Stratum
    layer of earth's surface
  245. Stupor
    state of apathy
  246. Strut
    supporting bar
  247. Stymied
  248. Superannuated
    retired on pension because of age
  249. Superfluous
  250. Superimpose
    place over something else
  251. Supernumerary
    person or thing in excess of what is necessary
  252. Subsidiary
  253. Sumptuary
    limiting or regulating expenditures
  254. Taxonomist
    specialist in classifying
  255. Tautological
    needlessly repetitious
  256. Thespian
    pertaining to drama
  257. Thaumaturgist
    miracle worker, magician
  258. Thematic
    of or relating or constituting a themeĀ 
  259. Trencherman
    good eater
  260. Tribulation
    distress, suffering
  261. Umbrage
  262. Unanimity
    complete agreement
  263. Unique
    without an equal
  264. Vacuous
    empty, inane
  265. Vitreous
    pertaining to or resembling glass
  266. Quintessence
    purest and highest embodiment
  267. Ravenous
    extremely hungry
  268. Replenish
    fill up again
  269. Refurbish
  270. Relevancy
  271. Replicate
    reproduce, duplicate
  272. Singular
    unique, extraordinary
  273. Somnolent
    half asleep
  274. Smolder
    burn without flame
  275. Smattering
    slight knowledge
  276. Solecism
    • an ungrammatical combination of words in a sentence
    • a breach of ettiquette or decorum
  277. Sophomoric
    immature, shallow
  278. Solvent
    able to pay all debts
  279. Slander
  280. Codicil
    supplement to the body of the will
  281. Citadel
  282. Chasm
  283. Chicanery
  284. Coincident
    occuring at the same time
  285. Complaisant
    trying to please
  286. Communal
    held in common
  287. Collation
    light meal
  288. Conventional
    ordinary, typical
  289. Cul-de-sac
    blind alley
  290. Cynosure
    the object of general attention
  291. Caricature
    distortion, burlesque
  292. Cession
    yielding to another, ceding
  293. Amnesia
    loss of memory
  294. Amend
    correct, change
  295. Acclaim
    applaud, announce with approval
  296. Asperity
    sharpness(of temper)
  297. Arcade
    a covered passageway
  298. Alluvial
    pertaining to the soil deposits left by river
  299. Dolorous
  300. Dissuade
    advise against
  301. Diverse
    differing in some characteristics
  302. Distraught
    upset, distracted by anxiety
  303. Disavowal
  304. Discomfit
    put to rout, defeat
  305. Dexterous
  306. Dismember
    cut into small parts
  307. Diaphanous
    sheer, transparent
  308. Dichotomy
    branching into two parts
  309. Derision(n)
  310. Demesne
    land over which a person has full authority
  311. Delirium
    mental disorder marked by confusion
  312. Denizen
    inhabitant of
  313. Diversity
    variety, dissimilitude
  314. Diversion
    act of turning aside
  315. Diva
    operatic singer, prima donna
  316. Distortion
    twisting out of shape
  317. Doughty
  318. Equivocate
    lie, mislead
  319. Enormity
  320. Escapade
    prank, flighty conduct
  321. Ensconce
    • settle comfortably
    • shelter
    • conceal
  322. Esteem(v)
    respect, judge, value
  323. Euphony
    sweet sound
  324. Expletive
    interjection, profane oath
  325. Exiguous
    small, minute
  326. Extemporaneous
    not planned
  327. Extant
    still in existence
  328. Expurgate
    clean, remove offensive parts of a book
  329. Faux pas
    an error or slip
  330. Fecundity
    fertility, fruitfulness
  331. Fauna
    animals of a period of a region
  332. Fantastic
    unreal, grotesque
  333. Prosaic
    commonplace, dull
  334. Propulsive
    driving forward
  335. Protocol
    diplomatic etiquette
  336. Provenance
    origin or source of something
  337. Prototype
    original work used as a model by others
  338. Provender
    dry food, fodder
  339. Propound
    put forth for analysis
  340. Proscenium
    part of stage in front of curtain
  341. Proselytize
    convert to a religion or belief
  342. Pussilanimous
    cowardly, faint-hearted
  343. Proviso
  344. Provoke
    stir to anger
  345. Provisional
  346. Prurient
    based on lascivious thoughts
  347. Puerile
  348. Pugilist
  349. Puissant
    powerful, strong
  350. Pulsate
  351. Pulmonary
    pertaining to the lungs
  352. Putrid
    fouled, rotten
  353. Precise
  354. Presentiment
    premonition, forebodding
  355. Problematic
    perplex, unsettled
  356. Redoubtable
    formidable, causing fear
  357. Redress
    remedy, compensation
  358. Refectory
    dining hall
  359. Refractory
    stubborn, unmanageable
  360. Refraction
    bending of ray of light
  361. Recreant
    coward, betrayer of faith
  362. Recourse
    resorting to help when in trouble
  363. Recuperate
  364. Reconcile
    make friendly after quarrel
  365. Reciprocate
    repay in kind
  366. Remiss
  367. Relinquish
  368. Remonstrate
  369. Remediable
  370. Remedial
  371. Remnant
  372. Refutation
    disproof of opponent's argument
  373. Repercussion
    rebound, reaction
  374. Renunciation
    giving up
  375. Nirvana
    buddhist teachings
  376. Nocturnal
    done at night
  377. Nomadic
  378. Nomenclature
    system of names
  379. Nominal
    in name only
  380. Noisome
    foul smelling
  381. Musky
    having odor of musks
  382. Inevitable
  383. Infamous
    notoriously bad
  384. Aboriginal
    being the first of its kind in a region
  385. Abortive
  386. Abrade
    wear away by friction
  387. Collage
    work of arts put together from fragments
  388. Collate
    examine order to verify authenticity
  389. Collateral
    security given for loan
  390. Progenitor
  391. Progeny
    children, offspring
  392. Prognathous
    having projecting jaws
  393. Prognosis
    forecasted course of a disease
  394. Dispassionate
    calm, impartial
  395. Yield
    amount produced, crop
  396. Effervescence
    inner excitement
  397. Yen
  398. Yeoman
    middle-class farmer
  399. Worldly
    engrossed in matters of this earth
  400. Wrangle
  401. Wrath
    anger, fury
  402. Disquisition
    a formal systematic inquiry
  403. Variegated
  404. Vassal
    in feudalism
  405. Vaunted
    boasted, highly publicized
  406. Indisputable
    too certain to be disputed
  407. Plenipotentiary
    fully empowered
  408. Pomposity
    self-important behaviour
  409. Indissoluble
  410. Indite
  411. Tribunal
    court of justice
  412. Tribute
    tax levied by a ruler, mark of respect
  413. Trident
    three-pronged spear
  414. Trilogy
    group of three works
  415. Emblazon
    • to inscribe or adorn with or as if with heraldic bearings or devices
    • celebrate
    • extol
  416. Embroil
    throw into confusion, involve in strife
  417. Distant
    reserved or aloof
  418. Loiter
    hang around
  419. Loll
    lounge about
  420. Longevity
    long life
  421. Lope
    gallop slowly
  422. Obese
  423. Obfuscate
    confuse, muddle
  424. Distill
  425. Nonplus
    bring to a halt by confusion
  426. Non sequitur
    a conclusion that does not follow from the facts stated
  427. Nosegay
    fragrant bouquet
  428. Nostalgia
  429. Nostrum
    questionable medicine
  430. Myopic
    near sighted
  431. Myriad
    very large number
  432. Garish
  433. Garnish
  434. Dissertation
    formal essay
  435. Egoism
    excessive interest in one's self
  436. Garner
  437. Proletarian
    member of the working class
  438. Promulgate
    make known by official proclamation or publication
  439. Garrulity
  440. Fraught
  441. Freebooter
  442. Frenetic
    frenzied, frantic
  443. Enamored
    in love
  444. Empirical
    based on experience
  445. Enclave
    territory enclosed within an alien land
  446. Defeatist
    attitude of one who is ready to accept defeat as a natural outcome
  447. Defection
  448. Defile
    pollute, profane
  449. Sarcophagus
    stone coffin
  450. Sardonic
    disdainful, sarcastic
  451. Distrait
  452. Sate
    satisfy to the full
  453. Ruddy
  454. Rudimentary
    not developed, elementary
  455. Rueful
    regretful, sorrowful
  456. Ruffian
  457. Guise
    appearance, costume
  458. Gullible
    easily deceived
  459. Gustatory
    effecting the sense of taste
  460. Gusto
  461. Figurine
    small ornamental statue
  462. Filial
    pertaining to a son or a daughter
  463. Filigree
  464. Emancipate
    set free
  465. Perversity
    stubborn maintenance of a wrong cause
  466. Pessimism
    belief that life is basically bad or evil
  467. Embark
    commence, Begin a journey
  468. Bard
  469. Baroque
    highly ornate
  470. Barrage
    barrier laid down by artillery fire
  471. Barrister
    counselor at law
  472. Canvass
    determine votes
  473. Capacious
  474. Capillary
    having a fine bore
  475. Egress
  476. Leeway
    room to move
  477. Legacy
    a gift made by will
  478. Legend
    explanatory list of symbols on a map
  479. Legerdemain
    sleight of hand
  480. Feint
    • trick
    • sham blow
  481. Ellipsis
    omission of words from a text
  482. Felicitous
  483. Fell
  484. Felon
    person convicted of a grave crime
  485. Elliptical
    • oval
    • ambiguous-either purposely or because key words have been left out
  486. Jaded
  487. Divination
    foreseeing the future with the aid of magic
  488. Jargon
    language used by special group
  489. Jaundiced
    • yellowed
    • prejudiced
    • envious
  490. Jaunt
    short journey
  491. Kaleidoscope
    tube in which patterns are made by reflection in mirrors of colored pieces of glass
  492. Emeritus
    retired but retained in an honorary capacity
  493. Ken
    range of knowledge
  494. Kindle
    start a fire
  495. Kindred
    similar in nature or character
  496. Roan
    brown mixed with grey or white
  497. Rococo
  498. Docket
    program as for trial: book where such entries are made
  499. Roil
    to make liquids murky by stirring up sediment
  500. Devoid
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