Medical Term chapter 5

  1. adip/o, lip/o, steat/o
  2. hidr/o
  3. hist/o, histi/o
  4. ichthy/o
  5. kerat/o, scelr/o
  6. myc/o
  7. onych/o
  8. plas/o
  9. seb/o
    sebum (oil)
  10. squam/o
  11. trich/o
  12. xanth/o
  13. xer/o
  14. epithelium
    cells covering external and internal surfaces
  15. squamous cell layer
    scale like epithelium cells making up the outer most layer of the epidermis
  16. basal layer
    deepest region of the epidermis
  17. melanocyte
    a cell in the basal layer that givers color to the skin
  18. melanin
    dark brown to black pigment
  19. sebaceous glands
    oil glands in the skin
  20. sebum
    oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands
  21. sudor
  22. collagen
    protein found in skin and connective tissue
  23. keratin
    protein found in epidermis, hair, and nails
  24. lesion
    altered tissue
  25. primary lesions
    a bump on the skin
  26. vesicle
  27. bulla
    a big blister
  28. pustule
    a pus-filled sac
  29. secondary lesions
    loss of skin surface
  30. excoriation
    a scratch mark
  31. alopecia
  32. comedo
    • a plug of oil within the opening of the hair follicle
    • pimple
  33. closed comedo
    white head
  34. open comedo
  35. pruritus
    severe itching
  36. suppuration
    production of puss
  37. urticaria
  38. xeroderma
    dry skin
  39. dermatosis
    any disorder of the skin
  40. exanthermatous
    • eruption of the skin caused by a viral disease
    • (chicken pox or measesls)
  41. eczema
    • to boil out
    • inflamed and swollen skin with itching and burning
  42. furuncle
    a boil like a large pimple
  43. seborrhea
    excess sweat
  44. tinea
    a group of fungal skin diseases
  45. vitiligo
    • white patches on the skin
    • destruction of melanan
  46. biopsy (Bx)
    to remove a piece of tissue fo examination
  47. frozen section
    cutting tissue from a frozen piece of specimen
  48. chemosurgery
    restoring skin by application of acid to peel away
  49. cryosurgery
    destruction of tissue by freezing
  50. dermabrasion
    surgical removal of frozen epidermas using brushes and emery papers
  51. debridement
    removal of dead tissue in a wound
  52. electric currents to destroy tissue
  53. fulguration
    to lighten; use of long, high freqauency electric sparks to destroy tissue
  54. mohs surgery
    a technique use to take tumors off the skin by taking tissues layer by layer
  55. sclerotherapy
    • use of sclerosing agents to treat disease
    • injecting of saline into dilated blood vessesls
  56. ultraviolet therapy
    using ultraviolet light to promote healing of skin lesions
  57. histamine
    a body substance released in excess during allergic reactions cauging swelling and inflamation
  58. antipruritic
    a drug that releives itching
  59. antiseptic
    prevents the growth of infectious microorgans
  60. BCC
    basal cell carcinoma
  61. C&S
    culture and sensitivity
  62. FS
    frozen section
  63. HSV-1
    herpes simplex virus type 1
  64. HSV-2
    herpes simplex virus ty pe 2
  65. I&D
    incision and drainage
  66. SCC
    squamous cell carcinoma
  67. SLE
    systemic lupus erythematosus
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