Leifer Test 5

  1. Normal head circumference of a newborn
    • 12.5 - 14.1 inches
    • 32 - 36 cm
  2. Urine output in infant
    1-3 ml/Kg/Hrs
  3. NEC - Necrotizing Enterocolitis
    An acute inflammation of bowel
  4. BronchoPulmonary Dysplasia
    Toxic response to oxygen therapy
  5. To increase surfactant production, The mother is given injection of
    Corticosteroid (Betamethasone)
  6. Caput Succedaneum
    Swelling of soft tissue of scalp
  7. CephaloHemaToma
    Collection of blood beneath the scalp which usually receded within a few weeks without treatment
  8. Fontanelles are soft spots on head which closes by age of
    12 - 18 months.
  9. Size of normal anterior fontanelle
    3.6 - 6 cm
  10. Test used to measure infant hearing is
    Algo Hearing screening test
  11. OAE - OtoAcoustic Emission Test
    Measures sound from cochlea in response to sound stimulation
  12. Weight of a newborn varies from
    6 - 9 pounds
  13. In the first 3-4 days infant loses weight of
    5 - 10% , Preterm upto 15%
  14. Infant will regain their birth weight by age of
    10 days
  15. Infant may pass __ stools a day
    3 - 6 stools
  16. Meconium, the first greenish black, tarry stool is passed by infant in ___ hrs after birth
    8 - 24 Hrs
  17. Stool of breast feed infant is
    bright yellow
  18. Stool of bottle infant is
    Pale yellow
  19. A green watery stool indicates
  20. Bottle feeding can begun in
    5 Hrs
  21. Capacity of infant stomach is
    90 ml (3 ounces)
  22. After feeding infant should positioned on
    Right Side
  23. An Endometrial biopsy is done to obtain a sample of
  24. Hysterosalpingogram
    Is a X-ray study using contrast medium to evaluate structure of reproductive organs
  25. Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopy
    Visual examination of internal organs
  26. Menopause occurs around the age of 51 due to decrease production of
  27. Cystocele
    Stress incontinence when laughing, coughing or sneezing
  28. Involution
    Return of uterus to non pregnant condition
  29. Uterus decends at the rate of ___ cm per day
    1 cm
  30. Uterus is non palpable by __ days of postpartum
    12 Days
  31. Subinvolution
    Slower than normal return of uterus to its non pregnant condition
  32. Methylergonovine
    Methergine - To maintain firm utrine contraction in Subinvolution
  33. Antidote of Warfarin
    Vitamin K
  34. Pulmonary artery is obstructed by a blood clot that breaks off and lodge in lungs
    Pulmonary Embolism
  35. Pulmonary Embolism is possible in
    DVT - Deep Vein Thrombosis
  36. Medications given to stimulate uterine contraction
    • Oxytocin
    • Methylergonovine (Methergine)
  37. Postpartum sexual activities can resumed only after
    6-week check up
  38. Medication for perineal pain
    • Hydrocortisone & Pramoxine (Epifoam)
    • Benzocaine (Americaine or Dermoplast)
  39. Bishop scoring system
    A score of 6 or more indicates a favorable induction
  40. Endorphins
    Are natural body substances similar to morphine it level increases during pregnancy and reach at peak during labor
  41. Dick Read Method
    Fear - Tension - Pain (This method includes Education & Relaxation techniques)
  42. Lamaze Method (Psychoprophylatic Method)
    • Lamaze Breathing should
    • no lower than 1/2 of womem's baseline respiratory rate
    • no faster than twice the baseline rate
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