music test 2

  1. Baroque time period
    1600 to 1750
  2. Bachs piano piece consisting of preludes and fuges in every key
    well tempered clavier
  3. tone color of the late baroque period
    • actually not much tone color, is something of a contradiction.
    • early period= sonority 
    • end of period= very sophisticated sounds
  4. late baroque melody
    long melodies, with their wealth of decorations added to the main direction of the line are not easy to sing
  5. texture of late baroque
  6. emotional effect of baroque music
    powerful, impersonal, mirror a wide range of human feelings or affects
  7. Ritornello form
    a musical form based on recurrences of ritornello (the name for the orchestral music that typically starts the movement off which always returns later in the piece)
  8. Antonia Vivaldi
    champion of the concerto, vedetian composer, wrote hundreds of concertos
  9. first movement of Brandenburg concerto No. 5
    opens with a loud, bright, solid-sounding, orchestral ritornello.  typical barogque melody= intricate, wide-ranging, and saturated with sequences
  10. johann sebastian bach
    • german
    • first job as church organist 
    • lutheran 
    • chiefworks= 200 sacred and secular cantatas
  11. fuge and fuge subject
    fuge= polyphonic composition for a fixed number of instrumental lines or voices (usually 3 or 4) built on a single principle theme

    fuge subject= fuge theme, appears again in each of the instrumental or vocal lines
  12. opera seria
    serious opera= principle type of italian baroque opera
  13. libretto
    words of an opera, meaning "little book"
  14. recitative
    is a technique of declaiming words musically in a heightened, theatrical manner. always an instrumental accompaniment. singing voice closely follows the free rhythm of emotional speech
  15. secco recitative
    recitative with continuo accompaniment
  16. accompanied recitative
    orchestral accompaniment of one kind or another to an recitative
  17. aria
    set piece for solo singer. actor/ singer is mulling over his or her emotions
  18. oratorio
    is an opera on a religious subject mostly from old testament. takes over such operatic features as recitatives and arias. not apart of church service
  19. George Frideric Handel
    • german
    • Catholic
    • 48 years in England 
    • water music= two suites for the baroque festive  orchestra
  20. church cantata
    • -second importance to oratorio
    • -cantata= is a general name for a piece of moderate length for voices and instruments 
    • -performed during lutheran church services
  21. christ lag in todesbanden
    johann sebastian bach
  22. Joseph II
    • most enlightened ruler
    • 1780 to 1790 
    • supported music and literature
  23. rococo
    • light and frothy style of art 
    • art to please in classical era
  24. jean jacques Rousseau
    demanded that opera would portray real people in actual life- simple people, close to nature, singing natural music
  25. classical rhythm
    is highly flexible in rhythm
  26. classical tone color
    more in classical than baroque
  27. classical melody
    pleasing variety.
  28. classical texture
  29. movements of the symphony
    opening= tempo- fast/moderate form-sonata form 

    slow= tempo-slow/very slow form- sonata form, variations, rondo, other 

    minuet= tempo- moderate form- minuet form 

    closing= tempo- fast/ very fast form= sonata or rondo form
  30. Mozart No. 40
    dark, uneasy mood. muted struggle against inescapable contraints
  31. Mozart
    Salzburg, working for archbishop, chief works= marriage of figaro, don giovanni
  32. Franz Joseph Haydn
    vienna, musical humor, last 12 symphonys= london, work for esterhazy family, lively music
  33. double exposition form
    type of sonata form developed for use in concertos
  34. string quartet
    is a genre for four instruments= 2 violins, viola, and a cello
  35. opera buffa
    comic opera in classical opera
  36. opera seria
    baroque= serious opera
  37. don giovanni
    by mozart. meant to be comic but is not comic or tragic. dark comedy
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