Renaissance beginnings

  1. Renaissance meaning
    a new spirit, rebirth... a rebirth to classicism. The goal... to be as good as the ancients
  2. Humanism
    More confidence in human powers of reasoning, intellect vs. superstition, focus on human dignity, beauty held to represent deep inner virtue (value)
  3. Birth of renaissance
    began in italy roughly 1350-1400, but not overnight. Florence and Venice
  4. St. Francis of Assissi, 1182-1226
    Respected living things, nature guy. an early harbinger.
  5. Masaccio 1401-1428
    Art with expression on human faces (painting). Early perspective drawings, actual landscape depiction, Framed
  6. Petrarch
    Discovery of classical literature. Rediscovery of pliny's writings.
  7. Dante
    Writing in common language
  8. Boccaccio
    Stories of daily life
  9. Other indicators of change
    Adventures of marco polo, Warfare-seige artillery, The "Black death" marked the end of the medeival period. Population of england cut by 1/3
  10. Early Renaissance 1420-1500ish
    Concentrated in Florence and Venice. The search for perfection in design. Formulaic development, The use of perspective. Bramante, Leonardo. The fibonacci series. Golden ratio
  11. High renaissance 1500-1600ish
    Perfection mastered. clarity order symmetry, predictable, static, starts to get boring.
  12. Andrea Palladio, 1508-1580
    High renaissance architect. Very influential.
  13. Mannerism 1550-1600ish
    In the "manner" of classical, but given exaggeration.
  14. Poliphilo's Strife of love in a dream
    Literature by Francesco Colonna, 1499. Depicts a dreamlike landscape
  15. Baroque 1600-1750
    Exuberant, filled with motion, outward thrust. Michelangelo. breaking into infinity and motion
  16. Rococco
    From rocaille (shell or rockwork) Becomes very overly ornate, almost frivolous or decadent.
  17. Cosimo de Medici
    ruled Florence, father of his country.
  18. Cathedral in Florence
    by Brunelleschi, sticks out like a sore thumb.
  19. Villa di Castello
    One of the earliest medici villas. Lack of indoor outdoor, Predictable.Built for Cosimo de Medici.
  20. Alberti - De re aedificatoria
    Regarding villas: Sitting of a hillside with a view, Interpenetrating the house and garden, Symmetrical tree-lined walks, geometric patterns of boxwood, vine covered pergolas, supported by columns, streams of water to flow through garden, numerous fountains, flowers in pots, shady groves, grottos
  21. Fall of constantinople
    Constantinople falls to the turks, exedos of scholars to Florence, Founded platonic academy.
  22. Villa Medici at Fiesole
    by Michelozzo. Terracing and blend of topography and surrounding olive groves. Use of cut and fill to terrace
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