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  1. David W. Jones
    Mass Motorization + Mass Transit
    • Beltways caused commerce, jobs and people to move to suburbs
    • America lead in streetcar and subway riders in the 1890's
    • New Deal had spending for highways not Mass Transit
  2. Cotton Seiler
    Republic of Drivers
    • Taylor's scientific management threatens Autonomous individualism that America is built on and creates need for individual empowerment cars fill the void
    • Revision of individualim to fit corporate model and reassertion of the heroic autonomous american male play into cars
  3. David Owens
    There and Back
    • Cars have allowed us to spread out in a way that raises energy consumption and costs
    • Not gas mileage but odometer that is important
    • Need density to support mass transit
    • Cars shaped Zoning regs to separate home and work wasteful, inefficient and inauthentic
    • Efforts to ease congestion-more cars-more congestion
  4. Emma Rothschild
    "Can We Transform the Auto-Industrial Society?"
    • Bailout should be "New Deal" for Detroit that ends auto-industrial society
    • This would connect environmental, economic and energy policies and be socially just
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