Gas Code

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  1. The piping and eguipment between the street gas main and the gas piping system inlet, which is installed by and is under the control and maintainance of the serving gas suplier, is listed in the code _______.
    1203.8 Ch.12
    service piping
  2. all gas piping systems found not to meet code requirements or to be defected and that would endanger life or property shall be ordered disconnected by the ________.
    1207.1 Ch.12
    serving gas supplier
  3. the location of point of delivery shall be acceptable to the __________.
    1209.2 Ch.12
    authority having jurisdiction
  4. plastic pipe, tubing, and fittings shall be used only ________.
    1209.5.4 Ch.12
    outside underground
  5. the number of threads to be cut on a 1" metalic pipe is ____10_____.
    T12.2 Ch.12
  6. when nonferous pipe is brazed, the berazing alloys containing phosphorous shall be no more than ______.
    1209.5.8.1 Ch.12
  7. horizontal 1/2" diameter steel gas piping shall be adequately supported at intervals not to exceed ___6'__.
    T12.3  Ch.12
  8. full face gasket shall be used with all _______.
    1209.5.11 #3 Ch.12
    bronze and cast iron
  9. gas meters shall be located at least _____ feet from any source of ignition.
    1209.6.2 C Ch.12
  10. Lapped flanges shall be located accessible for inspection and used only _______ . 
    1209.5.10B Ch.12
    above ground
  11. to prevent traps, gas piping shall be sloped not less than ________ .
    1211.2.4 Ch.12
    1/4" in 15'
  12. where damage is not likely to occur, underground gas piping systems shall be installed with a minimum ______ of cover.
    1211.1.2 A Ch.12
  13. Where unavoidable, gas piping underground beneath the building shall be encased in ______ .
    1211.1.6 Ch.12
  14. concealed gas piping shall not be located in _______ .
    1211.3.3 Ch.12
    solid partitions
  15. a pipe chase shall be ventilated to the outdoors and only at ______.
    1211.5.3 Ch.12
    the top
  16. the aproximate minimum demand of a domestic range in BTU's per hour is 65,000.
    T12.1 or on sizing calc Ch.12
  17. pressure regulators installed in the interior of the building without vent limiting means shall be _________.
    1209.7.5 A #1 Ch.12
    seperately vented to the outside of the building
  18. aluminium alloy tubing shall not be used _______ .
    1209.5.3.3 Ch.12
    in exterior locations or underground
  19. the inside radius of metalic gas pipe bends shall not be less than ____ times the diameter of the pipe.
    1211.6.1 #5 Ch.12
  20. gas meters shall not be placed ______ .
    1209.6.2 B Ch.12
    adjacent to a driveway
  21. the gas piping pressure test for medium pressure shall be _______ .
    1214.1.7 Ch.12
    carbon dioxide
  22. where external damage to underground gas piping is likely to occur, the pipe shall have _____ of earth cover.
    1211.1.2 A Ch.12
  23. an accessible gas shutoff valve shall be provided _____ of each gas pressure regulator.
    1211.10.1 Ch.12
  24. a gas pressure regulator shall be accessible for ______ .
    1209.7.3 Ch.12
  25. gas meters shall be protected against _______ .
    1209.6.4 Ch.12
    back pressure
  26. gas piping connected to gas appliances shall have an accessible shutoff valve installed _____ fo the equipment it serves.
    1212.4 Ch.12
  27. a __________ shall be installed to permit removal of controls.
    1212.4 Ch.12
    flanged connection and a union
  28. an equipment shutoff valve shal be permitted to be located ________ .
    1212.4 Ch.12
    inside a decorative gas appliance
  29. which of the following is not a part of the rough piping inspection?
    1204.3.1 Ch.12
    pressure test
  30. "rough piping inspection" of gas piping shall be made _______ .
    1204.3.1 Ch.12
    (a) after all gas piping authorized by permit has been installed

    (b) before all gas piping has been covered or installed

    (c) before any fixture or appliance has been attached thereto
  31. If, upon final piping inspection, the installation is found to comply with the provisions of this code, _______ .
    1205.1 Ch.12
    a certificate of inspection MAY be issued by the authority having jurisdiction.
  32. it shall be unlawlful to remove or disconnect any gas piping without ______.
    1207.3 Ch.12
    capping or plugging the outlet with a screw joint fitting
  33. upon completion of the installation, alteration or repair of any gas piping, and prior to the use thereof _______.
    1204.1 Ch.12
    shall be inspected by the authority having jurisdiction
  34. leaks in gas piping shall be located _____.
    1214.4.2 Ch.12
    with a gas detector
  35. corrugated stainless tubing shall be tested and listed in accordance with _______.
    1209.5.3.4 Ch.12
  36. defective pipe, tubing and fittings shall be ________.
    1209.5.5 Ch.12
  37. Plastic piping joints and fittings for use in liquified petroleum gas piping systems shall be in accordance with _______.
    1213.0 Ch.12
    NFPA 58
  38. When a flanged joint is opened, the gasket shall be _________.
    1209.5.11 #2 Ch.12
  39. pressure regulators shall be protected against ________.
    1209.7.4 Ch.12
    physical damage
  40. a gas regulator shall not be vented to the _______.
    1209.7.5 A #4 Ch.12
    gas equipment flue or exhaust system
  41. mechanical guages used to measure test pressures shall gave a range at the highestend no greater than ________.
    1214.3 Ch.12
    5 times the test pressure
  42. the size of the supply piping outlet for any gas appliances shall not be less than ___.
    1216.4 Ch.12
  43. The minimum size of any piping outlet in a mobile home shall be _______.
    1216.4 Ch.12
  44. which material shall not be used for gas piping?
    1209.5.2.1 Ch.12
    cast iron
  45. a shutoff valve shall be installe don fireplaces within ______.
    1212.4 Ch.12
  46. the hourly volume of gas rquired at each piping outlet shall be taken as not less than ___________.
    1216.2 Ch.12
    the maximum hourly rating specified by the manufacturer
  47. To obtain the cubic feet per hour of fuel gas required for any appliance _________.
    1216.3 Ch.12
    divdie the Btu input of the appliance by the average Btu heating value per cubic feet of gas
  48. aluminium alloy tubing shall comply with ______.
    1209.5.3.3 Ch.12
  49. underground nonmetalic gas piping shall be installed with a tracer wire of minimum ________.
    1211.1.7 C Ch.12
    AWG 14
  50. indoor non-metalic gas hose connectors used on laboratory, shop and ironing equiment shall not exceed ________.
    1212.2 A Ch.12
  51. plastic pipe may be used to vent a water heater if the unit is ______.
    510.4.2 ch.5 
    listed for use with that material  
  52. a special gas vent hall only be installed on a water heater if ______.
    it is listed and installed per the listing and the manufacturers instructions
  53. Water heaters incorporating integral venting means shall be considered properly vented where ________.
    installed per the listing and the manufacturers instructions
  54. Water heater draft hoods or barometric draft regulators shall be _______.
    installed in the same room or inclosureas the water heater
  55. the maxium horizontal length of a 5" vent connector for a water heater shall not exceed 7-1/2'.
    511.2.2 or T5.7
  56. for a direct vent appliance with an input of 50k btu or less the minimum dstance from a wall opening shall be 9" inches and the minimum distance from the ground must be 12". 
    510.8.3 or fig. 5.12
    9", 12"
  57. for a direct vent appliance with an input greater than 50k btu the minimum distance from any wall opening must be 12" and the minimum distance from the ground will be
    510.8.3 or fig. 5.12
    12", 12"
  58. A type b vent with a listed cap of 14 inches shall terminate at least ______ above any portion of the building within 10'.
    510.6.2 #1
    2 feet
  59. code rquires that a water heater installed on a roof of any building higher than 15' have an ______ to said roof unless other means acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction.
    indoor means of access
  60. when using an alternate method of sizing vent connectors for draft hood equiped water heaters, the effective area of the common vent connector or vent manifold and all junctions fittings shall not be less than the area of the larger vent connector plus ___ of the areas of the smaller flue collar outlets.
  61. in seismic deaign categories ______  water heaters shall be anchored or straped to resist horizontal displacement due to earthquake motion.
    C, D, E and F
  62. Where utilizing louversand grills to provide combustion air, and the design and free area are not known, it shall be assumed that wood louvers will have __ free area and metal louvers and grills will have __  free area.507.8 A
    25%, 75%
  63. exit terminals of mechanical draft systems shasll be not less than __ above grade where located adjacent to public walkways.
  64. clearances for listed water heaters shall be _________.
     in accordance with listing and manufacturers instructions  
  65. water heaters installed in residental garages shall be installed sthat all burners and burner ignition devices are located not less that 18" above the floor unless ________.
    said burners are listed an flamable vapor ignition resistant
  66. where providing combustion air for draft hood equiped water heaters installed in repair garages , all combustion air shall be obtained from __________.
    outside of the building
  67. water heaters not listed for outside installation but installed outdoors shall be provided with ___________.
    protection to the degree that the enviornment necessitates
  68. type b gas vent shall terminate at least __ above the highest connected draft hood or flue collar.
  69. plastic piping used for venting water heaters shall be ________.
  70. it shll be unlawful for any person to install, remove or replace any water heater without first __________.
    obtaining a permit from the authority having jurisdiction
  71. vent connectors of natural draft appliances ______ be connected to mechanical draft systems operating under positive pressure.
    shall not
  72. a water heater vented into a fire place or a chimney is __________.
    prohibited unless the fireplace flue is permenantly sealed
  73. a draft hood equipped water heater is connected to a single wall vent connectorthat passes through a crawlspace. This portion of the connector shall ___________.
    be listed type b, type l or listed material having equivalent insulating qualities
  74.  the capacity of a residual water heater is ___________.
    501.1 or T5.1
    calculated by the first hour rate and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  75. a water heater installed in a residential garage shall be ____________.
    located or protected from damage by a moving vehicle
  76. a final water heater inspection shall be made only after _____.
    all work authorized by the permit has been installed
  77. a water heater is by definition an appliance for _____.
    supplying hot water for residential or commercial uses
  78. water heaters other than the diresct vent type shall be located _____.
    as close as is practical to the chimeny or gas vent
  79. the pipe or duct that connects a fuel gas burning water heater to a vent or chimney is a _________.
    vent connector
  80. a water heater that is constructed and installed so that all air for combustion is derived directly from outside air and all flue gasses are discharged to the outside atmosphereis a _____.
    Direct vent appliance
  81. a three bedroom home with two bathrooms equiped with a gas storage type water heater. the minimum capacity for the water heater in accordance with the first hour rating is _______.
    67 gallons
  82. a type b vent is used for venting a listed or approved appliance equipped to burn ______.
    only gas
  83. outdoor combustion air shall be suoolied by ________.
    one or two permenant openings
  84. combustion air supplied by using the "standard method" requires a minimum volume of _________.
    50 cu. ft. per 1,000 Btu/hr
  85. combustion air ducts shall ________.
    serve a single space
  86. combustion air ducts that terminate in an attic shall ______.
    not be screened
  87. draft hood equipped and other fuel burning category 1 water heaters may be installed in closets in bedrooms and bathroom provided _________.
    the closet has a listed gasketed door assembly and a listed self closing device
  88. water heaters supported from the ground shall rest on _____.
    a level 3" concrete or other approved base
  89. where damage amy result from a leaking water heater a watertight pan of corosion resistant materials shall be installed beneath the water heater when it is located in an attic or _______.
    a floor cieling assembly
  90. discharge from a relief valve into a water heater pan shall be ________.
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