Verbal Ability

  1. Abate
    • To reduce in amount, degree, or severity.
    • As the hurrican's force abated, the winds dropped down and the sea becam calm.

    • Similar: ebb, lapse,moderate, relent,slacken,wane,subside
  2. Aberrant
    • Deviating from what is normal.
    • Since he had been a steady, cheerful worker for many years, his fellow postal workers did not expect his abberant burst of rage.

    Similar: abnormal, anomalous,deviant,divergent,errant,irregular
  3. Abscond
    • to leave secretly
    • The patron absconded from the resteraunt without paying his bill by sneaking out the back door.

    Similar: flee,decamp,escape
  4. Abstain
    • to choose not to do something
    • During Lent, practicing Catholics abstain from eating meat.

  5. Abyss
    • an extremely deep hole
    • The submarine dove into the abyss to chart the previously unseen depths.

    • Similar: chasm,void
    • Related: Abyssal Abysmal
  6. Adulterate
    • to make impure
    • The restauranteur made his ketchup last londer by adulterating it with water.

    • Similar:doctor;debase;load
    • Related: unadulterated; adultery
  7. Advocate
    • to speak in favor
    • The vegetarian advocated a diet containing no meat.

    • Similar:back,champion,support
    • Related: Advocac
  8. Aesthetic
    • concerning the appreciation of beauty
    • The Aesthetic Movement regarded the pursuit of beauty to be the only true purpose of art.

    • Similar: artistic,tasteful
    • Related: Aesthe, Aestheticism
  9. Aggrandize
    • to increase in power,influence,and reputation
    • The supervisor sought to aggrandize himself by claiming the the achievements of his staff were actually his own.

    Similar: ampilfy,elevate,glorify,apotheosize,augment,ennoble
  10. Alacrity
    • speed or quickness
    • The resteraunt won a reputation for fine servicessince the wait staff responded to their clients' request with alacrity.

  11. Alleviate
    • to make more bearable
    • Tanking aspirin helps alleviate a headache.

  12. Ambiguous
    • doubtful or uncertian, can be interpreted several ways
    • The directions he gave were so ambiguous that we disagreed on which way to turn.

  13. Ameliorate
    • to make better; to improve
    • The doctor was able to ameliorate the patient's suffering using pain killers.

  14. Anarchronism
    • something out of place in time
    • The aged hippie used anarchronistic phrases liek "groovey" and "far ouy" that had not been popular for years.

    Similar: archaism,incongruity
  15. Analogous
    • similar or alike in some way; equivalent to
    • His mother argued that not goin to college was analogous to throwing his life away.

  16. Anomaly
    • deviation from what is normal
    • Albino animals may display too great an anomaly in their coloring to attract normally colored mates.

    Similar: aberrant,preternaturalness,abnormality,irregularity
  17. Antagonize
    • to annoy or provoke to anger
    • The child discovered that he could antagonize the cat by pullin its tail.

  18. Antipathy
    • extreme dislike
    • The antipathy between the French and the English regularly erupted into open warfare.

    Similar: abhorrence,animosity,repugnance,animus,aversion,loathing
  19. Apathy
    • lack of interest or emotion
    • The apathy of voters is so great that less than half the people who are eligible to vote actually bother to do so.

    Similar: disinterest,disregard,lethargy,stolidity,phlegm,lassitude
  20. Apocryphal
    • of questionable authority or authenticity
    • There is no hard or authoritative evidence to support the apocryphal tales that link Roswell, New Mexico incident to a downed UFO.

  21. Approbation
    • approval and praise
    • The apporbation the Jerry Lewis recieved in France included a medal fro mthe Misistry of Cultrure.

    • Similar: acclaim, adulation,commendation,extol,kudos,hail,praise
  22. Arbitrary
    • determined by chance or impulse
    • When you lack the information to judge what to do next, you will be forced to make an arbitrary decision.

    Similar: erratic,wayward,indiscriminate,random,changeable
  23. Arbitrate
    • to judge a dispute between two opposing parties
    • Since the couple could not come to agreement, a judge was forced to arbitrate theri divorce proceedings.

    Similar: adjudge,determine,moderate,decide, referee
  24. Archaic
    • ancient, oldfashoined
    • Her archaic Commodore computer could not run the latest software.

    Similar: ancient,bygone,antediluvian,antigue,fusty,outmoded
  25. Ardor
    • intense and passionate feeling
    • Bishop's ardor for the landscape was evident when he passionately described the beauty of the scenic Hudson Valley.

    Similar: devotion,anthusiasm,fervidness,zealousness,fire,zeal,passion
  26. Articulate
    • able to speak clearly and expressively
    • She articulates her pro-labor views so clearly that unions are among her strongest supporters.

    Similar: eloquent, lucid, expresive,fluent, silver-tongued
  27. Assuage
    • to make something unpleasant less severe
    • Like many people, Philip LArkin used alcohol to assuage his sense of meaningless and despair.

    Similar: allay,comfort,pacify,propiate,sweeten,appease,conciliate,palliate
  28. Attenuate
    • reduce in force or degree; weaken
    • The Bill of Rights attenuated the treditional power of government to charge laws at will.

    Similar: sap,weaken,dilute,rarefy,devitalize
  29. Audacious
    • fearless and daring
    • The Audacious peasant dared to insul the king's mother.

    Similar: adventuresome,aggressive,intrepid,valorous,unafraid,plucky,mettlesome
  30. Austere
    • severe or stern in apperance; undecorated
    • The lack of decoration makes Zen temples seem austere to the untrained eye.

    Similar: bleak,hard,dour,grim,harsh,severe
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