1. Erik Erikson
    ego identity formed when a person has a sense of self.
  2. Aging out process
    • You age out
    • you mature and stop committing crimes
    • youth decline their frequency
  3. Paternalistic family
    Father (pater.)is the head of the family
  4. enlightenment
    • end of the 18th century
    • Rouseau & voltaire and humanistic view of childhood
  5. Paren Patriae
    • Role of the King (king is the Parent... Paren)
    • Served as the father of his country
  6. Mass. Stubborn Child Act
    • Capital Punishment for children that misbehave
    • (mass=mass killing of children)
  7. 7
    under the age of 7, cannot be legally capable of a crime
  8. Uniform Crime Reports
    prepared by FBI
  9. 20%
    percentage of cases that are solved by the police
  10. 14 to 17
    almost ALL juveniles are arrested between 14 to 17
  11. Monitoring the future
    • University of Michigan
    • Self report studies
    • Juvenile drug use
  12. Wolfgang Chronic 6
    • 6% chronic offender
    • commit 71% of juvenile crimes
  13. Classical Criminal
    • concept based on committing crimes
    • done relating to the possible gain compared to the possible punishment
  14. Deterrance
    • Prevent indiv. from committing crimes
    • Punishment
  15. Predatory crime
    violent crime against people or when you take something directly from the individual
  16. Nature Theory (happens in Nature)
    Intelligence is Inherited
  17. Cesarre Becarries
    Formed: C for classical Theory (criminology)
  18. Lombroso Theory
    • Physical characteristic that resemble pre-historic man
    • Bro ( caveman)
  19. Arousal Theorists
    • Aggression is a function of an individual need for stimulation.
    • Arousal: need to be stimulated
    • bc of A(aggression)
  20. Specific Deterrance
    • The more severely we punish a person the LESS likely they will commit a crime 
    • Specific= severely
  21. Sigmund Freud
    • ego is the reality
    • the reality of living in the real world
    • allows us to manage the need for immediate gratification
  22. Juvenile violent crime arrests
    Typically PEAK @ the age of 18
  23. Disorganization Theory
    • Disorganized neighborhoods
    • delinquency rates will be the highest in these neighbor hoods
  24. Chronic Juvenile Offender
    80% chance of becoming an adult criminal offender
  25. Trait Theory
    • Trait causes delinquency:
    • Psychological
    • Biological
  26. Attachment Theory
    Lack of Attachment:

    • lack of respect
    • do not trust people
  27. social process theories
    • Social interaction w/ important segments of society
    • especially, the family
  28. School failure Rationale
    A child w/ learning disability can cause frustration anger
  29. culture poverty
    • sociologist OSCAR LEWIS, came up with this process
    • Crushing burden described by the challenges faced by the poor
  30. collective efficacy
    • ability of a community to control its residents through families schools & religious instituting
    • Collective=control
  31. strain theory
    • Strain=Conflict
    • Conflict between the goals people have & the means of obtaining them
  32. Mertons theory of anomic
    • NOT understanding the society 
    • NO rules
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