Epics/Myths Literary Terms

  1. What is an epic?
    a long narrative poem about a serious subject
  2. Name an example of an epic.
    The Odyssey
  3. What is an archetype?
    a thing, person, or pattern of circumstances that appears repeatedly in literature
  4. Name an example of an archetype.
    • the evil villain
    • the hidden treasure
  5. What is a stock character?
    a character who represents a type that is recognizable as belonging to a certain genre
  6. Name an example of a stock character.
    a charming prince in fairy tales
  7. What is a symbol?
    an object, person, place, or event that has a literal meaning and a figurative meaning
  8. Name an example of a symbol
    a heart symbolizing love
  9. What is a myth?
    a traditional story of anonymous origin
  10. Name an example of a myth.
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Epics/Myths Literary Terms
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