week 6

  1. adenoma 1256
    benign pituitary tumor
  2. hyperpigmentation 1280
    seen @ exposed area, pressure point
  3. Addison's disease  1280
    adrenocortical insufficiency
  4. addison crisis  1280
    acute adrenal insufficiency, life threatening
  5. carpopedal spasm
    sudden, involuntary contraction of muscles
  6. mineralcorticoids
    Na, K balacne; H20 balance
  7. Chvostek's sign   318
    contraction of facial muscles in response to a tap over favial nerve in front of ear
  8. myxedema    1270
    accumulation of hydrophilic mucopoly saccharides in the dermis or other tissue
  9. corticosteroids  1201
    metabolism, response to stress, antiinflammatory
  10. cushing's disease  1276
    excess corticosteroids especially glucocorticoids
  11. thyroidectomy   1276
    surgical removal of thyroid tissue
  12. diurnal
    recurring everyday
  13. thyroiditis       1263
    inflammation of the thyroid gland
  14. thyroitoxicosis
    physiologic effect/clinical syndrome of hyper metabolism that result from excess circulating level of T4, T3 or both
  15. euthyroid
    normal thyroid function
  16. exophthalmos 1264
    protrusion of eyeballs from the orbits
  17. Trousseau's sign   318
    carpal spasm induced by BP cuff on the arm
  18. goiter   1264
    thyroid hormones secreting nodules that are not affected by TSH
  19. glucocorticoids   1276
    regulate metabolism, BG, stress response
  20. hirsutism   444
    male distribution of hair in women
  21. ophthalmopathy  1264
    abnormal eye appearance/function
  22. bruits  1264
    reflection of increase blood supply
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