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  1. What are the parts of a neuron?
    • Dendrites
    • Soma
    • Axon
    • Myelin Sheath
  2. Phases of Neuron impulse cycle?
    • resting
    • action potential(firing)
    • Recovery phase
    • Resting phase
  3. What is the all-or-nothing law?
    Neurons are either working or not
  4. What are the functions of the glial cell?
    • Nourishing
    • insulate
    • repair/remove
    • Tumor development
  5. What are mirror neurons?
    neurons that fire when you watch another action
  6. What is synapse?
    a space gap between 2 neurons
  7. What is reuptake?
    • the process of chemicals/electric charge going into a neuron
    • after it enters the synapse
  8. What is a neuro transmitter?
    chemicals that carry messages across synapse
  9. What is an excitatory message?
    • a chemical that causes the neuron to be more
    • active.
  10. what is an inhibitory message?
    decreases the likelyhood that a neuron will fire
  11. What is acetylcholine?
    • excitatory in the brain and autonomic system
    • inhibitory everywhere else
    • causes muscle movement
  12. What is seritonin?
    • located in the nervous system
    • inhibitor effect
    • regulates sleep, eating, mood, pain and depression
  13. What is dopamine?
    • located in the nervous system
    • inhibitory or excitatoy
    • movement control(muscles)
    • too much causes schizophrenia
    • too little causes parkinson's disease
  14. What are endorophins?
    • located in nervous system
    • primary inhibiory, except in hippocampus
    • functions are pain suppression
    • pleasurable feelings, appetites, placebos
  15. what happens during runner's high?
    • when endorphins are released after long periods of muscle stress
    • this is to releive pain.
  16. What is in the centeral nervous sstem?
    brain and spinal cord
  17. What is somatic/skeletal division?
    • divided into sensory and motor
    • sensery afferent>to the brain
    • motor efferent>away from the brain
  18. What is behavioral genetics
    study of effects of heredity on behavior
  19. What is a viation of HOXA1 gene?
  20. What is autism
    a disorer that affects language an social functions
  21. What is te pituitary gland?
    the master gland of the human body
  22. What does the endocrine system do?
    secreetes hormones that affect growth

    • what is oxytocin
    • a hormone released b the pituitary gland that causes
    • contraction of the uterus during labor and stimulates
    • the ejection of milk
  23. What are some effects of steroid abuse?
    • heart attacks
    • strokes
    • cancer
    • and violent behavior
  24. what is an electroencephalogram(EEG)?
    • electrodes wired on te scalp
    • measure electric brain waves during sleep and thought
    • used to diagnose seizures
  25. What is positron Emission Tomograpphy(PET)?
    • inject radioactive glucose into bloodstream
    • uses x-ray to show levels of high activity
  26. What is Transcranial magnetic Stimulation (TMS)?
    temporarily interupting the brain
  27. What is Functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI)?
    • uses radio waves to generate signals
    • computer in tunnel picture thing
  28. What does the medula control?
    heart rate and respiration
  29. What does the cerebellum control?
    balance and vision
  30. What is the reticular formation?
    a route to the higher brain centers
  31. what does the thalamus do?
    sends sensory messages upward
  32. What does the hypothalamus do?
    • maintains homeostasi
    • eating drinking, temperature, emotion
  33. What does the cerebral cortex do?
    sophisticated info processing in brain
  34. what is neuroplasticity?
    • changes in the brain that occur throughout life span
    • relating to new neurons and connections
  35. What does the left hemisphere do?
    in charge of language and sequential activities
  36. What does te right hemisphere do?
    emotion, art, music, perception
  37. what is bio feedback?
    when a person learns how to control bp, hr, rr....
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