KIN - Wellness and fitness quiz

  1. Wellness = ______ health
  2. What does SPIES stand for?
    • S - social
    • P - physical
    • I - intellectual
    • E - emotional
    • S - spiritual
  3. psychosomatic disorders are heavily caused or worsened by what?
    • how we feel
    • ex: headaches, hypertension, allergies
  4. the ability for the body to change position rapidly and accurately while moving in space is called...?
  5. the body’s ability to remain in equilibrium while stationary or moving is called...?
  6. the ability to perform multiple motor skills simultaneously is called...?
  7. the ability to perform motor skills in short periods of time – normally measured in terms of running is called...?
  8. the ability to apply rapid force in short periods of time is called...?
  9. 5 characteristics of health related fitness:
    • (1) body composition
    • (2) muscular strength
    • (3) muscular endurance
    • (4) muscular flexibility
    • (5) cardiovascular endurance
  10. body composition is the ratio between...?
    body fat and lean tissue
  11. excess calories are stored as...?
    body fat
  12. What is a good indicator of risk of obesity related disorder?
    waist to hip ratio
  13. Where is subcutaneous fat located?
    beneath the skin
  14. How do you measure body fat? in what 4 areas?
    • body fat calipers
    • (1) thigh
    • (2) tricep
    • (3) abdominal
    • (4) suprailiac (above hip)
  15. How can you measure intramuscular fat? (2)
    • (1) Bioelectrical impedance
    • (2) hydrostatic weighing
  16. Define muscular strength
    the amount of force your muscles are capable of producing through contracting
  17. Name the 3 types of contractions:
    • (1) concentric
    • (2) eccentric
    • (3) isometric
  18. Which type of contraction contracts and shortens?
  19. Which type of contraction contracts but lengthens?
  20. Which type of contraction contracts but remains the same length?
  21. How can strength be improved?
    • resistance training
    • *children should only use moderate activities under strict guidelines
  22. What do we use to assess muscular strength by measuring force output?
  23. Define muscular endurance
    The ability to produce force over a period of time
  24. Is a fast or slow twitch more efficient at aerobic energy production and fatigue more slowly?
    • slow
    • ex: distance runners NOT sprinters
  25. What is a good way to test children's endurance?
    push ups and sit ups
  26. Why is muscular endurance important?
    hard to get a good cardiovascular workout if you lack in muscular endurance
  27. The ability of a muscle to allow a large (but stable) range of motion is called?
    muscular flexibility
  28. Why is muscular flexibility important?
    properly stretched muscles will resist injury better than tight ones under most circumstances
  29. What is dependent on muscular flexibility?
    daily activities/living
  30. What is cardiovascular fitness?
    Ability of our circulatory and respiratory systems to efficiently deliver oxygen to our various body parts
  31. How is CV fitness measured? (2)
    • (1) "maximal oxygen intake" or VO2 max
    • (2) rockport fitness test
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