med chem III quiz 5 antiinflammatory

  1. 2 NSAID sulfonamides
    • piroxicam - feldene
    • meloxicam - mobic
  2. NSAID COX-2 selective
    celecoxib - celebrex
  3. 5-HT1D agonist for migraine
    sumatriptan - imitrex
  4. 5-HT2A/2C antagonist for migraine and depression
  5. serotonin 5-HT1 agonist
    not for prophylaxis
    dosing must be nor more often than q2h
    rizatriptan - maxalt
  6. serotonin 5-HT1 agonist
    use extreme caution in hepatic failure can result in extreme BP elevation
    zolmitriptan - zomig
  7. serotonin 5-HT1 agonist
    more selective
    metabolized by MAO & CYP3A4 &2D6
    almotriptan - axert
  8. serotonin 5-HT1 agonist
    contraindicated in pts with severe renal or hepatic failure
    naratriptan - amerge
  9. serotonin 5-HT1 agonist
    ind - acute Tx of migraine attacks w/ or w/o aura
    26 hr 1/2 life - better compliance - 1tab Tx
    frovatriptan - frova
  10. serotonin 5-HT1B/1D agonist
    not for prophylaxis
    CI in ischemic heart disease
    eletriptan - relpax
  11. ergot alkaloid
    most famous
    schedule 1
  12. ergot amino derivative
    nasal spray
    hihydroergotamine mesylate - migranal
  13. ergot amino derivative
    ergotamine tartrate - ergomar
  14. chronic migraine dealing with head skin pain
    onabotulinumtoxin A - botox
  15. sensation of whirling or rotating accompanied by involuntary swaying, weakness and lightheadedness
  16. functional disorder caused by repetitive angular, linear or vertical motion
    motion sickness
  17. antidopaminergic
    ind- intracable hiccoughs
    SE thorazine shuffle
    CI in < 6mo, unless life saving
  18. antidopaminergic
    ind- antihistamine for type I hypersensitivity & motion sickness (pre&post surgery)
  19. antidopaminergic
    ind - N/V in cancer chemotherapy & preg & labor
    metoclopramide - reglan
  20. given if extrapyramidal symptoms occur from reglan
    50mg diphenhydramine IM
  21. anticholinergic
    ind - motion sickness
    CI with morphine or resp. depressants
    meclizine - antivert
  22. anticholinergic
    ind - N/V
    oral use only antihistamine
    moa - depressant action on the hyperstimulated labyrinthine
    diphenhydramine - benadryl (oral)
  23. anticholinergic
    moa - obscure (may inhibit CTZ but direct signals to the VC are NOT)
    trimethobenzamide - tigan
  24. anticholinergic
    ind - motions sickness
    not for children
    dry mouth, caution in parkinson pts
    scopolamine - transderm-scop
  25. 5-HT1A partial agonist for anxiety and depression
    no anticonvulsant activity or muscle relaxant properties
    3-4 wks to see results
  26. 5-HT3 antagonist for chemo-induced emesis
    N/V due to APAP poisoning
    oral disintegrating tabs
    ondansetron - zofran
  27. 5-HT4 agonist for GI disorders
  28. 5-HT transporter inhibitor for depression, O/C, panic, PTSD
    • fluoxetine
    • sertraline
  29. 5-HT3 anagonist
    caution in pts w/ QT abnormalities, taking diuretics
    don't mix IV with other drugs
    can mix w/ apple/grape juice for peds
    dolasetron - anzemet
  30. 5-HT3 anagonist
    tab, inj, transdermal
    monitor liver cancer pts carefully
    • granisetron
    • sancuso - transdermal
  31. 5-HT3 anagonist
    ind - irritable bowel syndrome (women only)
    SE severe constipation leading to perforated colon
    alosetron - lotronex
  32. 5-HT3 anagonist
    N/V cancer chemotherapy 30 min prior
    not recommended to redose within 7d
    no CYP induction or inhibition
    palonosetron - aloxi
  33. 5-HT4 partial agonist
    available through special access programs
    short term Tx IBS in women
    not for diarrhea-prominent IBS
    tegaserod - zelnorm
  34. cannibinoid
    ind - antiemetic cancer chemotherapy
    schedule 3
    unlabeled - appetite stimulation (AIDS pts)
    pts remain under supervision of adult
    dronabinol - marinol
  35. cannibinoid
    oral synthetic
    ind - antiemetic cancer chemotherapy
    schedule 2
    <1% reaches the brain, CYP metabolized
    nabilone - cesamet
  36. substance P/neurokinin 1 receptor antagonist
    N/V chemotherapy including high dose cisplatin
    augments 5-HT3 antagonist activity
    aprepitant - emend
  37. misc. agent
    ind - N/V from intestinal and stomach flu
    and food and drink indiscretions
  38. anti-anxiety
    ind - PMS, panic disorder w/ or w/o agoraphobia
    alprazolam - xanax
  39. anti-anxiety
    ind - adjunct in partial seizures
    clorazepate dipotassium - gen-Xene
  40. anti-anxiety
    ind - preoperative apprehension
    chlordiazepoxide - libruim
  41. anti-anxiety
    muscle relaxant
    solution, tab, inj, rectal gel
    diazepam - valium
  42. anti-anxiety
    ind -status epilepticus
    chronic insomnia
    tab, inj, sol
    lorazepam - ativan
  43. anti-anxiety
    ind - alcoholics with acute tremulouness
  44. anti-anxiety
    ind - psychoneurosis pts - sleep disturbances
    TCAD with anti-anxiety properties
    not recommended for <12yo
    doxepin - silenor
  45. anti-anxiety
    ind - prior to dental appt
    moa - subcortical area CNS depressant-ataraxic
    tab,cap, syrup, susp inj
    hydroxyzine - vistaril
  46. anti-anxiety
    ind  - effectiveness of >4 mo unknown
    moa- carbamate derivative
    may precipitate seizures in epilepsy, slowly withdraw
  47. 2 salicylates not hydrolyzed to salicylic acid
    • salicyamide
    • diflunisal
  48. lethal doses of salicylic acid
    • adults - 10-30 grams
    • children - 4 grams
  49. non-selective COX inhibitor
    swallow tabs whole, no chewing
  50. 2 NSAIDs not used for RA of osteoarthritis
    • ketorolac
    • mefenamic acid
  51. synthesized continuously COX
  52. inducible COX
  53. NSAID
    acetic acid 6
    • sulindac - clinoril
    • indomethacin - indocin
    • etodolac
    • tolmetin
    • nabumetone
    • diclofenac - voltaren
  54. NSAID
    proprionic 7
    • ketorolac
    • ibuprofen - advil
    • fenoprofen - nalfen
    • ketoprofen - nexcede
    • flurbiprofen - ansaid
    • naproxen - aleve
    • oxaprozin - daypro
  55. NSAID
  56. NSAID
    patch, gel, combo w/ misoprostol
    flector, voltaren, arthrotec
  57. NSAID
    first intranasal
  58. NSAID
    N-Arylanthranilic acid
    fenamic acid derivative
    mefenamic acid - ponstel
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med chem III quiz 5 antiinflammatory
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