romantic poetry review

  1. in the beginning of to a mouse, the speakers attitude towards the mouse is
  2. in the fourth stanza the speaker shows
    concern that the mouse's house is ruined
  3. what reason does the speaker give for calling the mouse best compared to him
    the mouse only lives in the here and now
  4. when the speaker says the best laid schemes o mice and men/ gang aft agley, he means
    anyone's careful plans can go awry.
  5. what kind of image does the tyger project in blak's tyger
    fearsome power
  6. words like hammer, furnace, and anvil imply that the creator is
    like a blacksmith who crafted a mighty work
  7. the speaker of the lamb is most likely
    a child
  8. the lamb in contrast to the tyger conveys
    the gentler side of creation
  9. in the lamb the title lamb is a symbol of
  10. the speaker in the first poem is sold to a master of chimney sweepers
    when he is very young
  11. what is the significance on the young sweeper's inability in pronoun the word sweep correctly?
    their cry weep weep becomes a sad comment on their lives
  12. in both poems, blake emphacizes the horrors of children's lives as chimney sweepers bu using several contrasting images of
    black and white
  13. in contrast to the speaker in the first poem, the second poems speaker
    is openly bitter about his harsh life
  14. in the second stanza of the second poem good and evil are contrasted in the images of
    winter snow
  15. i the first poem the words his head/curled like a lamb's back, presents an image of
    the innocence of the young sweeper
  16. which of the following statements best summarizes the diff in tone between the two poems
    the first is more optimistic, while the second is darker
  17. the line, earth has not anything to shoe more fair, speaks about
    the city of london
  18. wordsworth first sonnet shows a veiw of a city that
    is clean peaceful, and beautiful
  19. the last line of the first poem and all that mighty heart is lying still, uses figurative language to express
    a feeling of peace
  20. the opening words of the second sonnet, the world is too much with us, introduce a criticism of
    thematerialism of the times
  21. in the world is too much with us, the speaker thinks that pagans
    would have better appreciated nature
  22. TWITWU presents the poets message about
    humans losing touch with nature
  23. the line, the city now doth, lilke a garment wear
    personifies the city
  24. the lines never did sun more beautifully sleep, personifies
    the sun
  25. in part one of the poem, the ancient mariner tells a wedding guest
    of how he killed the albatross
  26. what is the effect of the blue,glossy,green and velvet black, water snakes on the mariner
    he feels love for them
  27. the mariner speaks to the hermit in part VII
    to pour out his trouble and seek redemtion
  28. the mariner says he prayest best, who lovest best
    god made and loves all creatures on earth
  29. the albatross becomes a symbol of
    guilt for a crime
  30. what literary device does the poet use to create a feeling of power and speed in the line the ship drove fast loud roared the blast
    internal rhyme
  31. the lines beneath the lighting and the moon/the dead men give a groan is an example of
    supernatural elements
  32. the assonance in the lines o sweeter than a marriage feast tis sweeter, is created by the repition of the
    ee sound
  33. the monument to ozmandias is
    a ruin in an empty place
  34. the travelor thinks that the sculptor
    masterfully revealed the kings arrogance
  35. the central idea of the poem might be that
    human power is not eternal
  36. ironically oz had expected his works to endure
    but they have fallem to ruin
  37. the fact that the travelor only sees sand around the pedistal is
  38. the speaker of on first looking into chapmans homer believes that reading his translation of homer is
  39. in a simile meant to express his awe of homer's poetry the speaker compared himself to
    a new world explorer
  40. when i have fears describes the speakers reaction to
    the temp nature of life
  41. in when i have fears the speaker's fears cause him to
    attempt to forget love and fame
  42. innocence
    state of genuine love and trust toward all human kind
  43. experience
    state of disillusionment with human nature and society
  44. organized innocence
    one's sense of divinity of man coexists with oppesion/injustice
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