immune disorders

  1. Types of immune disorders
    • 1. hypersensitives- hyper active immune response
    • 2. Auto- immune diseases- immune system deficiencies
    • 3. Acquired immune difciencies- genetic diseases
  2. 4 types of hypersensitivities
    • Type 1: anaphylaxis: local or systemic- immediate response (signs and symptoms)
    • Type 2: cytotoxic- End result is cell destruction
    • Type 3: immune complex- what immune system is respoding to
    • Type 4: cell mediated or delayed- circulating immune cells
  3. Type 1- anaphylaxis: local or systemic
    • Genetic, release of cytokines (histamine), causes vasodilation, secretions, sneezing,
    • ex- Insect stings, Pollen grains, Animal dander: arthropod feces- dust mites, Food allergies, Penicillin (systemic), Peanuts
  4. Type 2: cytotoxic
    • Immune response against self cell surface antigens, we are supposed to have these
    • Ex- Hemolytic reactions: blood type, HDN (Rh factor)
  5. Type 3: Immune Complex
    • Uncommon, complexes imbedded in tissues, stimulate immue response against them
    • antigens bind with antibodies to form complexes. Phagocytes remove most of them but some lodge in walls of blood vessels
    • Results in wide spread tissue destruction
    • Ex- Arthritis, Lupus
  6. Type 4: Delayed or cellular
    • Sensitized T cell target antigen coated self cells: requires prior exposure
    • Results in cell destruction
    • Ex- Tuberculosis
  7. Auto Immune Diseases
    • Our own body is attacking our own body
    • ex- Pheumatoid arthritis, Graves disease, MS
  8. Immune Deficiencies
    • Genetic disorders (born with problem in immune system)
    • Examples:
    • Gammaglobulinemia- b cell deficiency- more seaptitial of fighing bacterial diseases
    • DiGeorge's syndrome- t cell deficiency- more seaptitial of fighing viral diseases
    • Severe combine immune deficiencyChediak- Higashi disease (NK (natural killer) cell deficiency- fight cancer cells (neoplastic)
    • AIDS- impaired Th function due to HIV
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