the 18th cen review

  1. when pepys woke up at about seven in the morning he
    thought that the fire had abated and wasnt too concerned
  2. who tell the king about the fire?
  3. what recommendation does pepys make about the fire?
    tear down houses in path of fire
  4. H. F.'s details about the plague include
    violence, madness, and lunacy of the sick people
  5. How effective were the physicians' remedies for swelling?
    often more painful than the symptoms
  6. The purpose of the detailed story about the gentleman in the garret of the pied bull inn is to
    provide credibility to the idea that infected people can unknowingly spread the plague
  7. Which statement best expresses the meaning of the poem at the end of this selection?(away yet i alive)
    Thousands of people died during the plague but i was spared
  8. the lilliputians candidate who jumps highest on a rope without falling
    qualifies for a vacant position in a high office of the court
  9. what is swift's purpose in describing the way political candidates leap over emporor's sticks
    to show that politicians do what more powerful people want them to do.
  10. At the end of "a voyage to lilliput" reldresal implies that the emperor
    hopes that gulliver will help to defend lilliput against an attack by blefuscu
  11. Which of the following items best describes how swift satirizes the differences between political parties in lilliput?
    swift mocks the petty differences betwwen the parties
  12. swift writes satire in an attempt
    to improve human conduct
  13. in the story of the battle over which end of the egg to break, swift is criticizing
    the foolisness of reasons of going to war
  14. gulliver has difficulty coping with flies in brogdingag because
    they leave excrement on his food and sting him
  15. what purpose is served by gulliver's conversation with the royal family of brobdingnag
    they set forth justified criticisms of english politics and society
  16. Which of the following statements best describes the king of brobdingnag's treatment of gulliver?
    he treats gulliver gently but mocks the politics of his country
  17. which of the following statements is true
    gulliver's initial revulsion to the brobdignnags immense bulk eventually vanishes
  18. in "a voyage to brobdingnag" swift's principle target is
    the vices of legislatures
  19. in "a voyage to brobdingnag" swifts views are presented by
    the king of brobdingnag
  20. satire can be defined as
    a kind of writing the ridicules human weakness, vice, or folly in order to bring about social reform
  21. Which of the following statements is the best example of satire in "a voyage to brobdingnag"
    the king claims that vice and ignorance are the qualificatoins for an english legislator
  22. the purpose of a modest proposal is to satirize
    english policy in ireland
  23. Which of the following does the narrator identify as the problem that needs solving?
    too many poor children
  24. the narrator's statement that some scruptulous people might be apt to consure the pracitce of selling children as food as a little boardering upon cruelty which i confess- is verbal irony because
    the narrator doesnt seem to understand that his proposal is more than a little cruel
  25. the irony in the long paragraph that lists and rejects other solutions to the problems of ireland is that-
    no one with any sense would propose solutions that are so unfair
  26. the tale of the executionerwho sold the carcass to persons of quality is
    an emotional appeal
  27. Which of the following items could not be said to be an advantage anticipated by the modest proposal?
    the proposal will decrease the number of marriges
  28. the narrator claims to have no personal motive behind his proposal because
    his child is too old to be sold, andhis wife is too old to have more children
  29. swifts diction in s modest proposal creates a tone that is
  30. the title of a modest proposal is ironic because the speakers ideas are
  31. by referring to children as a commodity the speaker implies that they are
  32. the title the rape of the lock refers to the
    theft of a lock of belinda's hair
  33. what does umbriel bring from the cave of the spleen?
    sobs,grief,and passions
  34. the line "at every word a reputation dies" is a description of
    gossip at hampton court
  35. during the fight between belinda and the baron
    belinda throws snuff at the baron
  36. a mock epic parodies an epic by treating
    trivial subjects in a heroic manner
  37. popes point in the poem is summarized in the line
    what mighty contests arise from trivial things
  38. how is the line while China's earth recieves the smoking tide, an example of a mock epic?
    it puts something as trivial as a cup of coffee into epic proportions
  39. the lines ine speaks glory of the brit queen/ and one describes a charming indian screen, is an example of
    the juxtaposition of the grandoise and the trivial
  40. what is the meaning of the couplet, but when to the mischief mortals/ how soon they will find fit
    once a person decides to be bad the rest is easy
  41. the subject of the elegy is
    the common folk buried in the churchyard
  42. the phrase "far from the maddening crowd's ignoble strife refers to the
    solitude fo the small town where the dead once lived
  43. while the curfew, tolls the knell of parting day
    bells are ringing and the sun is setting
  44. wihch if the following statements is the best evidence that this poem is an elegy?
    the speaker is thinking about the dead
  45. gray's elegy is considered a pastoral elegy because it
    has a rural setting
  46. what best describes the mood set at the beginning of the poem?
    solemn and mournful
  47. whose epitaph does thomas gray write at the end of the poem?
    his own
  48. what does gray mean when he writes, some mute inglorious milton/ some cromwell guitless,
    people who never had the opportunity to do something important in life are buried here
  49. what does gray mean when he writes, full many a flower is born/and waste its sweetness
    many talented people will never be discovered or enjoyed
  50. what does gray mean when he writes the paths of glory lead but to the grave
    you may exp glory but life is short and transitory
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