GI Questions

  1. A nurse is caring for a client with a nasogastric tube that is attached to low suction. The nurse monitors the client closely for which acid-base disorder that is most likely to occur?
    Metabolic Alkalosis
  2. A nurse is caring for a client with severe diarrhea. The nurse monitors the client closely, understanding that this client is at risk for developing which acid-base disorder?
    Metabolic Acidosis
  3. A client has acute diverticulitis. Which principle should the nurse keep in mind while planning care for this client?
    Avoid Fiber intake
  4. A nurse is teaching the client about an upcoming colonoscopy procedure. The nurse would include in the instructions that the client will be placed in which of the following positions for the procedure
    Left sims position
  5. A nurse is preparing to perform an abdominal examination. The initial step would be?
  6. A nurse provides instructions to a client following a liver biopsy. The nurse tells the client to
    Lie on the right side for 2 hours
  7. A nurse is caring for a client with a diagnosis of chronic gastritis. The nurse anticipates that this client is at risk for which vitamin deficiency
    Vitamin B12
  8. A nurse is caring for a client following a Billroth 2 procedure. On review of the postoperative orders, what is ok to do
    • leg exercise
    • coughing and deep breathing
    • early ambulation
  9. The nurse is providing discharge instructions to a client following gastrectomy. Which measure will the nurse instruct the client to follow to help prevent dumping syndrome
    Limit the fluids taken with meals
  10. a nurse is monitoring a client for early signs and symptoms of dumping syndrome. Which of the following symptoms will indicate this occurrence
    sweating and pallor
  11. a nurse is reviewing the record of a client with Crohns disease. What would the nurse expect to see documented in the record?
  12. A client with ascites is scheduled for a paracentesis. The nurse is assisting the physician in performing the procudure. Which position will the nurse help client?
  13. an ultrasound of the gallbladder is scheduled for the client with a suspected diagnosis of cholecystitis. the nurse explains to the client that this test
    requires the client to lie still for short intervals
  14. It has been determined that a client with hepatitis has contracted the infection from contaminated food. What type of hepatitis is this client most likely experiencing?
    Hepatitis A
  15. A nurse is reviewing the physicians orders written for a client admitted with acute pancreatitis. which physician order would the nurse verify if noted on the clients chart?
    NPO status
    Morphine sulfate for pain
    An anticholinergic medication
    prepare to insert a nasogastric tube
    Morphine sulfate for pain
  16. A client with hiatal hernia chronically experiences heartburn following meals. The nurse would teach the client to avoid which of the following, which is contraindicated with hiatal hernia?
    Lying recumbent following meals
  17. A nurse is monitoring for stoma prolapse in a client with a colostomy. The nurse would observe which of the following apperances in the stoma if prolapse occured
    Protruding and swollen
  18. A client with acute pancreatitis is experiencing severe pain from the disorder. the nurse tells the client to avoid which position that could aggravate the pain
    Lying flat
  19. A nurse is evaluating the effect of dietary couseling on the client with cholecystitis. the nurse determines that the client understands the instructions given if the client states which food item is acceptable to include in the diet?
    turkey and lettuce sandwich
  20. A client is admitted to the hospital with acute viral hepatitis. Which of the following s/s would the nurse expect to note upon this diagnosis
  21. Of the following infection control methods, which would be the priority to include in the plan of care to prevent hep B in a client considered to be at high risk for exposure
    Hepatitis B vaccine
  22. A client is admitted to the hospital with viral hepatitis and is complaning of a loss of appetite. In order to provide adequate nutrition the nurse encourages the client to
    Increase intake of fluids
  23. A client presents to the emergency room with upper GI bleeding and is in moderate distress. Which nursing action would be the priority for this client?
    Vital signs
  24. A nurse is caring for a client with acute pancreatitis and a history of alcoholism and is monitoring the client for complications. Which of the following data would be a sign of paralytic ileus?
    inability to pass flatus
  25. A client has no appetite and food makes the client nauseated. which nursing intervention would be appropriate?
    Offer small, frequent meals
  26. A nurse is participating in a health screening clinic and is preparing teaching materials about colorectal cancer. The nurse would plan to include which risk factor for coloractal cancer in the material
    Personal history of ulcerative colitis or gastointestinal polyps
  27. A nurse is reviewing the orders of a client admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of acute pancreatitis. Choose the interventions that the nurse would expect to be prescribed
    • Administer antacids
    • Encourage coughing and deep breathing
    • administer anticholinergics
    • Meperidine¬† as prescribed for pain
  28. before administering an intermittent tube feeding through a nasogastric tube, the nurse checks for gastric residual volume. The nurse understands that the rationale for checking gastric residual volume before administering the tube feeding is to
    Evaluate absorption of the last feeding
  29. An adult client with hepatic encephalopathy has a serum ammonia level of 95mcg/dL and receives treatment with lactulose syrup. The nurse determines that the client has the best and most optimal response if the level changes to which of the following after medication administration?
  30. A nurse provides medication instructions to a client with peptic ulcer disease. Which statement by the client indicates the best understanding of the medication therapy?
    the nizatidine will cause to produce less stomach acid
  31. the nurse observes that a client with a nasogastric tube connected to continuous gastric suction is mouth breathing, has dry mucous membranes and has a foul breath odor. In planning care which nursing intervention would be beast to keep clients oral mucosa
    Brush clients teeth
  32. A nurse has given the client with hepatitis instructions about postdischarge management during convalescence. the nurse determines that the client need further teaching if he states
    Resume full activity level within 1 week
  33. A nurse is assigned to care for a client with a Segstaken-Blakemore tube. The nurse would suspect that the client has which diagnosis?
    Esophageal Varices
  34. A nurse is collecting data on a client admitted to the hospital with hepatitis. Which data would indicate that the client may have liver damage
  35. A nurse is planning care for a client with hepatitis plans to meet the clients safety needs by
    monitoring prothrombin and partial thromplastin values
  36. A nurse is collecting admission data on the client with hepatitis. Which of the following findings would be of concern to the nurse?
    Confusion or drowsiness
  37. Py has cirrhosis and nursing diagnosis is ineffective breathing pattern realted to pressure of the diaphragm. Which position will facilitate breathing
  38. Digestion is
    a mechanical and chemical process involving the breakdown of foods
  39. A client with Chrons disease is seen by the physician and a CBC has been ordered. The nurse provides instructions to the client who will be reporting to the laboratory in the morning to has the test done. what should the nurse tell the client about the test
    no special preperation is necessary
  40. Spleen is located in the
  41. a client is admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of acute pancreatitis the nurse plans care, knowing that which problem occurs with this disorder?
    Alteration in comfort related to abdominal pain
  42. the client with hepatic encephalopathy is receiving lactulose. The nurse determines that the medication is effective if what is observed/
    client previously oriented to person only; can now state name, year, and present location
  43. A client with viral nepatitis states to the nurse "I am so Yellow" the nurse would appropriately
    Assist the client in expressing feelings
  44. Patients with liver abscess are seen with cague signs and symptoms which are often
    fever accompanied by chills, abdominal pain and tenderness in the right upper quadrant
  45. A patient is scheduled for surgery for a common bile duct exploration. the nurse would expect the patient to return from surgery with
    a T-tube connected to gravity drainage
  46. Which types of hepatitis have vaccines for
    A and B
  47. advanced cirrhosis has abdomen swollen because of
    portal hypertension and hypoalbuminemia causes fluid shift into the peritoneal space
  48. protein product is
  49. monitoring the color of stools of a patient with hepatitis A is important what color is it?
    Clay colored
  50. The t-tube during surgery is used because
    keep the common vile duct open until edema resolves and allow drainage of bile into drainage bag
  51. A client is scheduled for an endoscopic retrograde ERCP. the nurse includes which intervention in the plan for the client?
    After the procedure, keep client nothing per mouth until gag reflux returns
  52. A nurse has taught a client about upcoming endoscopic retrograde ERCP procedure. The nurse determines that the client needs additional information if the client makes which statement?
    Im glad i dont have to lie still for this procedure
  53. Subjective s/s of viral hepatitis
    anorexia and photophobia
  54. which of the nursing interventions is most important when a client is initially diagnosed with any type of hepatitis
    bed rest
  55. a client is admitted with hep B institute what precations
  56. The nurse monitors for which serologic marker in the client who is a carrier of chronic hapatitis
    anti-hbs antibodies
  57. which is the nurses best responses to client receiving lactulose who reports several soft stools daily
    this is expected with this medication
  58. the nurse is assessing a client who states having recently noted dark urine and light clay colored stools. nurses vitals on
  59. the nurse recognizes that fetor hepaticus is consistent with which assessment finding
    a fruity or musty breath odor
  60. what is true of cholelithiasis
    laparoscopic cholecytectomy is the surgery of choice
  61. most accurate to diagnose GERD
    24 hour ambulatory pH monitoring
  62. the client with cirrhosis may develop portal hypertension assosiated with what condition
    esophageal varices
  63. Asterixis
    extend arm, flex wrist upward and extend your fingers
  64. ascities reslt of cirrhosis, which procedure health care provider perform allow extended control of fluid build up
    denver peritoneal venous shunt
  65. liver trauma radiate pain to
    right shoulder
  66. viral hepatitis dietary modifications
    low protein
  67. which finding leads to appendicitis
    positive obturator and iliopsoas muscle tests
  68. morphine contraindicated with pancrititis because
    it causes spams
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