Ulcers/ GERDS

  1. what causes peptic ulcers?
    they are due to a gap in the protective mucosal layer of the stomach
  2. Name four risk factors to increase the risk of ulcers:
    • 1- smoking
    • 2- alcohol
    • 3- stress
    • 4- infection of helicobacter pylori/ NSAIDs
  3. What do H2 antagonists inhibit and what do they treat?
    These treat stomach ulcers and work by inhibiting the secretion of HCl
  4. This was the first H2 antagonist marketed and has a shorter half life than the newer H2 antagonists.
    Cimetidine (Tagamet)
  5. What are some concerns for patients taking Tagamet?
    Tagamet inhibits CYP 450 and can be dangerous with drugs with low therapeutic index.
  6. Name three newer
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Ulcers/ GERDS
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