NR 414 Exam 3

  1. Is a physiologic S3 normal and what would you do to check?
    Yes, you would have them hold their breath to see if it goes away.
  2. Where is the apical pulse typically heard?
    at the apex of the heart at the 5th intercostal space
  3. What is the difference between systolic and diastolic murmors?
    A systolic mumor can be benign but a diastolic is always pathologic.
  4. What is the difference between a murmur and a thrill?
    You hear a mummer and feel a thrill
  5. What does a murmur and a stenosis sound like?
    Murmur- swish 

    Stenosis- click
  6. Where do you hear murmurs and bruis?
    Murmurs- heart

    bruis- vessels
  7. If someone has an unequal lung expansion what could be happening?
    Collapsed lung, lung not functioning properly
  8. What should the AP to transverse ratio be?
    1 to 2
  9. What controls respiratory rate?
    CO2 levels
  10. If you are given a vaccine but have already contracted the virus will it help you?
  11. Which lung has three lobes?
    The right side, but you only hear all three from the front.
  12. What are the 4 main functions of the respiratory system?
    1.Supply O2 to body for energy production

    • 2.Remove CO2 as a waste product of energy
    • reactions

    3.Maintain homeostasis of actions- Acid-Base Balance

    4.Maintain heat exchange
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