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  1. gustar
    to like
  2. gusto
    I like
  3. gustas
    you like (tu)
  4. gusta
    he, she, you likes
  5. gustomos
    we like
  6. gustan
    they like
  7. interesar
    to concern, to be of interest
  8. yo intereso
    interesting to me
  9. tú interesas
    interesting to you
  10. él/ella/Ud. interesa
    he, she, you  interesting
  11. nosotros interesamos
    we are interesting
  12. ellos/ellas/Uds. interesan
    They are interersting
  13. encantar
    to love
  14. yo encanto
    I love
  15. tú encantas
    you love
  16. él/ella/Ud. encanta
    he, she, you,  loves
  17. nosotros encantamos
    we love
  18. ellos/ellas/Uds. encantan
    they love
  19. faltar
    to lack
  20. yo falto
    I lack
  21. tú faltas
    you lack
  22. él/ella/Ud. falta
    he, she, you, lacks
  23. nosotros faltamos
    we lack
  24. los/ellas/Uds. faltan
    they lack
  25. doler
    to hurt
  26. yo duelo
    I hurt
  27. tú dueles
    you hurt
  28. él/ella/Ud. duele
    you hurt
  29. ellos/ellas/Uds. duelen
    they hurt
  30. importar
    to be important
  31. yo importo
    I am important
  32. tú importas
    you are important
  33. él/ella/Ud. importa
    he, she, you, is important
  34. nosotros importamos
    we are important
  35. ellos/ellas/Uds. importan
    they are important
  36. molestar
    to bother
  37. yo  molesto
    I bother
  38. tú molestas
    you bother
  39. él/ella/Ud. molesta
    he, she, you bothers
  40. ellos/ellas/Uds. molestan
    they disturb
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