Court Cases

  1. Affirmed the validity of the Espionage act, clear and present danger test
    Schenck v US
  2. Burning a draft card is not a protected form of free speech
    US v O'Brien
  3. Desecrating the American flag as a form of social protest is acceptable
    Texas v. Johnson
  4. Amish kids don't have to go to public school past age 16
    Wisconsin v Yoder
  5. Publicly funded scholarships can exclude students majoring in theology
    Locke v Davey
  6. School prayer is bad
    Engle v. Vitale
  7. Reimbursement to public and private school kids for taking public transport
    Everson v Board
  8. Owning handguns and rifles for personal protection
    DC v Heller
  9. Knock-and-announce rule is invalid
    Hudson v MI
  10. Drug-testing pregnant women at hospitals to find evidence is wrong
    Ferguson v. Charleston
  11. Subject informed of rights before questioning
    Miranda v AZ
  12. Punishing a person for having an addiction can violate the 8th amendment
    Robinson v California
  13. Evidence obtained in violation of the 4th amendment at the state level is still bad
    Mapp v OH
  14. 6th amendment right to counsel
    Gideon v Wainwright
  15. American citizens being held as terrorist suspects have the right to challenge their detainment
    Hamdi v Rumsfeld
  16. Non-US citizens are still protected by Geneva and UCMJ
    Hamdan v Rumsfeld
  17. People who speak English poorly need to be provided more help in the educational environment
    Lau v Nichols
  18. Texas' redrawing of the congressional districts diluted votes
    League v Perry
  19. Texas sodomy law ruled unconstitutional, and everywhere else too
    Lawrence v TX
  20. Colorado law not giving homosexuals equal protection was unconstitutional
    Romer v Evans
  21. Pre-determined point system for college admissions for minorities is wrong
    Gratz v Bollinger
  22. Quota system for college admissions based on race is wrong
    Bakke v Regents of UC Davis
  23. Requiring only men to volunteer for military service is constitutional
    Rostker v Goldberg
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Court Cases
Court Cases