Anatomy of the Ear

  1. what is the external ear comprised of?
    • the pinna (auricle)
    • external auditory canal (meatus)
  2. how long is the meatus?
  3. the cartilaginous projection located snterior to the opening of the canal is called?
  4. the fibrious ring sorrounding the tympanic membrane is reffered as the ?
  5. the tympanic cavity opens posteriorly into the ______ and the eustachian tube connects the middle ear to the nasopharynx
    mastoid sinus
  6. the tympanic cavity houses a series of 3 small bones, what are they called?
    • malleus (hammer)
    • incus(anvil)
    • stapes (stirrup)
  7. the ____ sinus is contiguos with the middle ear through an opening call the _______
    mastoid..... tympanic antrum
  8. the inner ear or labyrinth consists of what 2 main section?
    the boney osseous or perilymphatic and the membranous labyrinth
  9. what are labyrinths
    they are complex series of canals and chambers located withing the petrous portion of the temporal bone.
  10. a fluid called_____ fillss the spaces of the bony labyrinth which is lined by a thin membrane that houses another fluid called_____
  11. what are the 3 compartments of the osseous labyrinth
    • 1.vestibule
    • 2. semicircular canals
    • 3. cochlea
  12. the vestibule contains 2 sacs called?
    utricle and saccule
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Anatomy of the Ear
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