Science 195-205

  1. this is the energy of moving electrons.  Most devices in your home run on this type of energy
    electrical energy
  2. this is the energy of a compound that changes as its atoms are rearranged to form a new compound. It is a from of potential energy
    chemical energy
  3. this refers to Newton's 3rd law of motion that states that if a force is exerted, another force occurs that is equal in size and opposite direction
  4. this refers to any characteristic of matter. This term is science, whereas the term trait is used in life science
  5. this is a measurement of the amount of thermal energy in an object
  6. this is the theory that proposes that microorganisms are the cause of many diseases
    germ theory
  7. this is the form of energy associated with changes in the nucleus of an atom. The process of fission and fusion both produce this type of energy
    nuclear energy
  8. these are harmful substances that can ruin the quality of the air or water
  9. these are nonrenewable energy resources that form in the Earth's crust over millions of years from the buried remains of once-living organisms.  Coal, oil, and natural gas are examples of these.
    fossil fuels
  10. this is the energy produced by the vibrations of electrically charged particles.  This can be transmitted through a vacuum
    light energy
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Science 195-205
Science 195-205