wuthering heights reveiew

  1. In wuthering heights if thrushcross grange represents civilized refinement, then wuthering heights represents
    primitive passion
  2. Thrushcross grange is the family home of
    the lintons
  3. Mr. Lockwood initially visits Mr. Heathcliff because
    Heathcliff is his landlord
  4. What does Lockwood see as a similarity between himself and heathcliff?
    They are both misanthropist
  5. Lockwood repels the child in his dream because he
    does not want the responsibility of helping the child
  6. Which of the following shows us that Nelly could be a biased narrator?
    She always describes Catherine as bothersome.
  7. Heathcliff first recieves Hindley's hatred when
    Mr. Earnshaw favors heathcliff over hindley
  8. Which of the following is not true concerning heathcliff's relationship with the Earnshaws
    Nelly at first likes heathcliff and continues to be loyal to him after his illness.
  9. What was the worst punishment anyone could inflict on catherine
    to seperate her from healthcliff
  10. When hindly dies, heathcliff retains control over wuthering heights because
    Heathcliff holds mortgages because he has lent money to hindley.
  11. Catherine tells Nelly that her love for heathcliff
    resembles the eternal rocks beneath the ground
  12. Catherine marries Edgar because
    Edgar is wealthy and handsome
  13. When heathcliff leaves the heights, how long is he gone?
    3 years
  14. Why does heathcliff return to yorkshire?
    he seeks revenge on the families
  15. Which of the following is the best reason for Heathcliff eloping with Isabella?
    Marrying Isabella will allow him to obtain the linton property
  16. Who allows heathcliff to enter thurshcross grange to see catherine
  17. Why can Nellty be held responsible for Catherine's final illness?
    By telling Edgar that Heathcliff was in the kitchen, she ensured that a comotion would occur.
  18. Who is the first person to visit Isabella at wuthering heights?
  19. Heathcliff asks Catherine to
    haunt him
  20. After Isabella dies Edgar initially hopes that
    Linton will be able to live with him at thrushcross grange
  21. Why is heathcliff so insistent on having linton with him?
    Linton is the propective heir to thrushcross grange
  22. Heathcliff veiws Linton as
    his property
  23. On cathy's visits to wuthering heights she and linton frequently make fun of
    hareton's illiteracy
  24. All of the following are ways that heathcliff shows his cruelty to cathy except,
    not feeding her
  25. Why does Cathy treat Zillah, hareton, and joseph with such malice?
    they never speak to her
  26. Why does hareton burn his books?
    Cathy laughs at his attempts to read.
  27. Although hareton's real parents were hindley and frances the author makes it clear that he carries qualities of
    Heathcliff and catherine
  28. When linton dies cathy feels
  29. hareton attempts to assist cathy in some tasks and tries to learn her favorite passages in books because
    he cares for her
  30. who is responsible for removing joseph's currant and gooseberry bushes?
    cathy and hareton
  31. hareton seems to veiw heathcliff as his
  32. what is the strange change heathcliff feels approaching
    he anticipates the culmination of "seeing" catherine
  33. Heathcliff's funeral arrangements
    are the scandal of the neighborhood
  34. The ghosts of catherine and heathcliff are seen
    by a boy with sheep and two lambs
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