1. What is aristelian substance?
    matter and form
  2. What two molds are Aristotle famous for?
    Moving from Particulars to Universals
  3. In a Aristelian Aspect, God thinks of what?
    Thought of thought, wisdom
  4. Define Virtue?
    Means between two extremes of excess and deficiency. 1. knowledge of right actions 2. choose acts for own sake 3. act from firm and unchanging character.
  5. Why are the young illequit to no ethics?
    Active life (length) to "rational man."
  6. Aristotle's ultimate "Good?"
  7. What is the value of happiness?
    Intelligence, knowledge, continuos, w/o pleasure, and self sufficient
  8. Chief end of a person's life?
    Contemplative life 1. immediate virtuos decisions 2. recieves pleasure from doing good 3. Eudamonia
  9. What's the means between Recklessness and Cowardice?
  10. What creates motion in nature?
    Prime mover (GOD), unmoved
  11. Aristotle and Plato both believed in what?
  12. What category is most important to pick in Philosophy?
    Practical Philosophy
  13. The soul and body together create what?
    Perfect Unity
  14. What are the three kinds of living?
    Nutritive, Sensitive, and Rational Reflective
  15. What are the levels of knowledge?
    Perception, Imagination, and Intelligence
  16. What's important to motion?
    Sensuality and Actuality
  17. What is the goal of Stoicism?
    See things for what they are. 1. Recognize no control 2. change attitude 3. order desire 4. judge accurately
  18. Two things united to one in Stoicism?
    Matter and Seminal Reason by God "Universal Reason."
  19. In Epictatus, What is in our power?
    Opinion, impulse, desire, aversion, our actions/doing
  20. In Epictatus, what is NOT in our power?
    Body, Possessions, reputations, status, other's actions
  21. What troubles people?
    Judgement and Circumstance
  22. What do you say to oneself when something is not in your power?
    "This is nothing to me"
  23. Who was Marchus Areilius?
    The last great late philosopher
  24. What did Marchus Areilius stress?
    Self control and the acceptance of nature
  25. "Universe is change, life is understanding?"
    Marchus Arelius quote
  26. Platinus bought Philosophy back to what?
    "What is all this?"
  27. What is the main thought of Neoplatonism?
    "What is all this?"
  28. Neoplatonic is governed by?
    Pantheism and opposition to materialism
  29. What is Pantheism?
    No distinction between God and the world; All is one.
  30. What is Emenation?
    means coming from 1. Nouse - world of spirits, ideas 2. Soul - Reflection of Nous
  31. socrates describes how the soul once drove a chariot with one uncontrollable and one docile horse.
    myth of recollection
  32. socrates and plato responded to the sophist philosophy what?
    truth was objective
  33. Plato's theory of forms explains structure of reality which is?
  34. Plato's theory of forms explains how we can understand them?
  35. Plato's divided line explains division between what?
    World of intelligible world and sensible world
  36. Top of Plato's divided line is where you gain knowledge of?
    the forms
  37. The allegory of the cave explains?
    Prisoner shackled and forced to watch the shadows on the wall
  38. In the Apology?
    Socrates defends himself against the high court of athens and was condemned to death
  39. The oracle in delphi said that socrates was?
    the wisest person in athens
  40. True or false? Socrates compares himself to a gadfly and government to a horse.
  41. In Euthyphro, Plato shows that socrates is primarily concerned with finding the true?
    Definition of Piety
  42. In Euthyphro, Plato showcases Socrates way of practicing philosophy?
    Socratic Method
  43. In Crito, Crito urges socrates to escape death by primarily?
    appealing to majority
  44. Arete means?
    excellence in performance of an action
  45. true or false? spcrates was accused of corrupting the older generations of athens?
  46. The soul has what 3 aspects?
    appetitive, spirit, reason
  47. the forms/ideas are?
  48. One aspect of the forms/ideas is?
    being unchanging
  49. true or false? essentialism is the idea that everything has central characteristics about them
  50. Plato's dialogue contains 3 segments, the first segment is?
  51. According to plato's epistemology, what is in-between knowledge and ignorance?
  52. What is the idea that binds the state and makes it into a unity?
  53. In Myth of metals, the ruler is classified as what?
  54. For plato, knowledge is defined as what?
    justified true belief
  55. Plato's response to Monism and Pluralism was?
    His metaphysical project of the forms, which provided a combo of both monism and pluralism
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