Alec's vocab 15 last one!

  1. abase
    v. to lower in esteem, degrade; to humble
  2. actuate
    v. to move to action; to impel
  3. avert
    v. to turn aside, turn away; to prevent; avoid
  4. boorish
    adj. rude, unrefined; clumsy
  5. brunt
    n. the main impact, force, or burden
  6. combatant
    n. a fighter; adj. engaged in fighting
  7. dormant
    adj. inactive; in a state of suspension; sleeping
  8. dubious
    adj. causing uncertainty or suspicion; in a doubtful or uncertain state of mind, hesitant
  9. harangue
    v. to deliver a loud, ranting speech; n. a loud speech
  10. harry
    v. to make a destructive raid on; to torment, harass
  11. impenitent
    adj. not feeling remorse or sorrow for errors or offenses
  12. knave
    n. a tricky, unprinipled, or deceitful fellow
  13. legion
    n. a large military force; any large group or number; adj. many, numerous
  14. liberality
    n. generosity, generous act; breadth of mind or outlook
  15. Plaintiff
    n. one who begins a lawsuit
  16. probe
    v. to examine, investigate thoroughly; n. an investigation; a device used to explore or examine
  17. protract
    v. to draw out or lengthen in space or time
  18. quarry
    v. to cut or take from; n. a place from which stone is taken; something that is hunted or pursued
  19. spurn
    v. to refuse with scorn or disdain
  20. subterfuge
    n. an excuse or trick for escaping or hiding something
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Alec's vocab 15 last one!