Christia Doctrie Test 4

  1. Priestly Office
    • Sin becomes GUILT grace becomes FORGIVENESS 
    • Atonement as SACRIFICE or REPARATION
  2. Royal Office
    • Sin becomes OPPRESSION grace becomes LIBERATION
    • Atonement as VICTORY
  3. Prophetic Office
    • Sin becomes IGNORANCE grace becomes INSPIRATION/REVELATION
    • Atonement as EXAMPLE
  4. Augustine
    Double Predestination
  5. Arminianism
    • 1. Predestination is conditional on a person's response
    • 2. Christ died for all and those who believe are saved
    • 3. A person is unable to believe and needs God's grace
    • 4. God's grace is resistible
    • 5. We might be able to lose our salvation
  6. Calvinism
    • -Total Depravity
    • -Unconditional Election
    • -Limited Atonement
    • -Irresistible Grace
    • -Perseverance of the Saved
  7. Pelagianism
    Our wills are capable of recognizing good and choosing God freely
  8. Mary in Predestination
    • Personifies Israel
    • Personifies the Church
    • Christocentric
  9. Easter Orthodoxy of God suffering
    • The cross shows up what God isn't like
    • God strengthens weak humanity 
    • takes on what he isn't (death, weakness) 
    • Jesus suffered but His divinity did not
  10. Luther's Theology on God suffering
    • God's weakness weakens "strong humanity"
    • he makes wisdom of scholars look foolish on the cross 
    • extinguishes fake power in humanity
  11. Suffering
    son suffered, father sympathized
  12. On the Day before Easter
    • Jesus is defeated: criminal, false prophet, blasphemer
    • Father is implicated: absent, powerless, etc.
  13. Jesus at Easter
    Jesus was RIGHT all along, Jesus WON, Jesus is LORD
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