English Vocab #22

  1. Philippic
    n. a verbal denunciation characterized by harsh, insulting language; a tirade (link: the cook unleashed a philippic when his new helper couldn't flip it)
  2. Pinguid
    adj. fat (linke a pinguid penguin)
  3. Pinion
    v. to bind the winds so as not to fly; to confine (link: the pins pinioned the butterfly wings)
  4. Pious
    adj. devout or virtuous; holy (a pious pie)
  5. Plethora
    n. a state or excessive fullness; superabundance
  6. Pliable
    adj. receptive to change; easily persuaded or controlled; easily bent or twisted (link: a pliable bull convinced he can fly)
  7. Plucky
    adj. brace and spirited; courageous (link: a plucky ducky)
  8. Polarize
    v. to break up in opposing factions or groups (link: The Eskimos could not settle their differences and decided to polarize the polar ice)
  9. Poltroon
    n. a coward (link: a platoon full of poltroons)
  10. Portal
    n. an entrance, door or gate
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English Vocab #22
English Vocab #22