ANTH 370 Quiz - Dates and People

  1. Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution
  2. Land Reform
  3. Xi Jingping Regime
  4. Founding of the PRC
  5. Period of Reform, or Reform and Opening
  6. Death of Mao Zedong
  7. Period of Collective Agriculture
  8. Great Leap Forward and Ensuing Famine
  9. Deng Xiaoping Regime
  10. Beginning of the Planned Birth Program
  11. Hu Jintao Regime
  12. Deng Xiaoping
    • -Paramount Leader of PRC 1978-1992
    • -Led china into fastest growing economy in the world
  13. Empress Dowager Ci Xi
    Imperial concubine who overthrew empror and controlled the Manchu Qing Dynasty. Rejected Hundred Days' Reform and removed examination process
  14. Hu Jintao
    Current President of the PRC
  15. Liu Xiaobo
    Nobel Peace Prize winner and human rights activist who called for end of communism. Currently in political prison
  16. Mao Zedong
    Founder of PRC, converted china into single party socialist state. Led Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution
  17. Xi Jinping
    Current Vice-President of the PRC. Expected to succeed Hu Jintao and lead 5th generation
  18. Chiang Kai-Shek
    • Succeeded Sun-Yat Sen as leader of KMT (Nationalist party)
    • Ruled Taiwan
  19. Sun Yat-sen
    First PResident and founding father of the republic of China. Overthew Qing Dynasty
  20. Hong Xiuquan
    Led Taipi8ng Rebellion, and established the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom
  21. Ai Weiwei
    Artist, Chinese political activist against PRCs stance on democracy and Human rights
  22. Tenzin Gyatso
    14th Dalai Lama, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, established Tibetan Government in exile
  23. Wen Jiaobao
    Current Premier of China; serves as China's Head of Government is known as "The People's Premier"
  24. Richard M. Nixon
    37th US President; visited china and normalized relations between US and China
  25. Zhou Enlai
    First Premier of the PRC. Aide to Mao and specialized in foreign policy
  26. Jiang Zemin
    President of PRC and Paramount Leader of China from 1933 to 2003; core of 3rd generation of Communist Party Leaders
  27. Li Keqiang
    Current first Vice-Premier of PRC; Expected to succeed Wen Jiabao and become Head of Government in 5th Generation
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